BACK-ON’s first full album ‘YES!!!’ due out on November 12th 2008!

It’s official, BACK-ON are definitely releasing their first full album on November 12th 2008! The news was released yesterday on their official website, accompanied by a picture of the jacket cover, the final tracklisting and a brief note about the new mixes!

If you missed our last speculative post about the album, don’t worry (although we would still encourage you to read it as it includes official photos from BACK-ON‘s most recent live gig) as we have something more up-to-date, although the main picture still hasn’t changed:

AKA. the Jacket cover of the new album YES!!! except we can now dabble more with facts as we have the full tracklisting too. Previously the rumour was that there would be 10 songs on the album, including Ashiato and Color from the BAReeeeeeeeeeN single, but it turns out there are 14 songs in total including a brand new song and also, remixes!

So the official tracklisting is as follows:

  1. 果てなき道へ [LA mix]
  2. flower [LA mix]
  4. Sands of time
  5. Butterfly
  7. DRIVE
  8. a day dreaming…
  9. そのままで [NEW ver.]
  10. ヒカリサスホウ [NEW WORLD ver.]
  11. Chain [LA mix]
  12. FLYDOM
  13. BAReeeeeeeeeeN / color [LA mix] -bonus track-
  14. BAReeeeeeeeeeN / 足跡 [LA mix] -bonus track-

This is great news for BACK-ON fans, not only because of the groundbreaking full album release (it is always good news when bands release full albums!) but because there was always the worry that the album would simply be another CD with songs from their previous singles and mini-albums, and in difficult economic times like these, even a fan needs value for their money! I’m glad to say that BACK-ON has not disappointed us here, and for that I am even more so excited about the release!

There is plenty to be cheerful about. For a start, there is a new song called: 果てなき道へ [LA mix] or Hate naki michi e [LA mix], which I believe stands for something like ‘Never-ending Road‘ (but I’m not sure, so corrections are welcome) as track #1, and if the strength of BACK-ON‘s title tracks so far are anything to go by, this should also be a winner! Fingers crossed ^^

Secondly, the album features remix versions of BACK-ON‘s back catalogue of songs! Granted it was disappointing for some of us to see that ヒカリサスホウ (fk Metal ver.) didn’t make it, see Dean’s post in this thread) it is still great to see that the band has not veered from the tried-and-tested formula by bands such as UVERWORLD and are releasing remixes for their album (credit to Sesshy)!

The news release mentions that Matt Hyde is the engineer/mixer behind the new LA mix versions of 果てなき道へ, flower, Chain, color and 足跡 (Ashiato) and I think it’s pretty safe to assume that this is because the songs were remixed in Los Angeles (LA). This is based on the latest news from Matt Hyde’s official website (dated October 19th 2008), where he said:

… I just mixed 5 songs for the Japanese acts BACK-ON and Bareeeeeeeeeen over at No Excuses studio in Santa Monica …

So who is Matt Hyde? BACK-ON‘s news release mentioned that he had worked with bands such as Sum 41 and No Doubt, and from his profile page on McDonough Management (his agent I believe) he has worked with a whole host of other rock bands such as Pride Tiger, Monster Magnet, Porno for Pyros, and Strung Out although interestingly, he also has a Grammy Award-winning album “Turn Around” by Blues/Gospel singer Jonny Lang on his list of credits!

It’s difficult to find a recent photo of Matt Hyde, although you can see an older photo of when he was working with Sum 41‘s producer Greig Nori at Oceans Studio Burbank (where Evanescence have also been a client) but it is with thanks to a promotional ‘In studio with Matt Hyde’ video for the band So They Say (now called The Audio) from 2007 that we are able to catch a more up-to-date glimpse of the producer/mixer/engineer himself:

So after this name-dropping introduction, what does it all mean for BACK-ON? Like many fans, I really really love the band’s original versions of their songs, and will thus have quite high expectations of any remixes, especially ones that are meant to showcase BACK-ON via their debut full album. After reading through Matt Hyde‘s bio, it’s pretty clear why the band have chosen to collaborate with him, and I am certain that his experience and talent will really add another level (or dimension) to BACK-ON‘s songs!

The test is in the pudding (ref), which in this case is BACK-ON‘s debut full album YES!!!, due out on November 12th 2008 priced at ¥ 2,600. If you are interested in pre-ordering the album online, there are a couple of online retailers that we have listed below for your convenience (prices are correct at the time of this post and exclude delivery costs):

Hopefully we’ll find out more about the album and the songs as the countdown begins (11 days left!) ; BACK-ON‘s official blog has promised us more news about their recent interviews with magazines and a radio station soon, and we at Back-on Online will be sure to keep up either here or on our Forums, so please keep checking back and thanks for all your support so far! :)