Back-on’s debut International Concert in Asia – FORMOZ FESTIVAL 2007, Taiwan!

The latest news about Back-on‘s Asian debut in Taiwan comes courtesy of SoundEX, where Back-on will be headlining the Wind Stage of the Formoz Festival 2007 in Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city, on July 29th 2007!

Formoz Festival 2007

This outdoors music festival, which began in 1995 and is held annually at the end of July. As one of the major events in the rock music calendar, it attracts artists from all over the world, particularly those from around Asia. Artists that have performed at FF (note the logo are mirrored Fs) in recent years include Moby, Super Furry Animals, May Day, The Back Horn, Lisa Loeb, Kishidan and Nanase Aikawa.

This year, Formoz Festival have invited groups such as OK GO (they did the ‘famous’ Treadmill Dancing video!), LM.C, Anna Tsuchiya and Teriyaki Boyz. But most importantly, Back-on, G.F.S and even Rize will be performing!

Formoz Festival 2007 - Wind Stage logo

As mentioned before, Back-on will be the feature act on what is known as the Wind [風] stage, an arena traditionally reserved for the most well-known performers. There are seven other themed arenas, including:

  • Forest [林] – apparently for unique performers
  • Fire [火] – where G.F.S will be performing, and features both new and well-established bands
  • Mountain [山] – which focuses on chillout music
  • Electricity [電] – the stage for Electronic music
  • Light [光] – themed audio-visual centre
  • Stone [石] – featuring heavy metal, punk and other hardcore bands
  • Fight [炎] – wrestling arena first introduced in 2003

Tao [道], the final arena, is the newest addition to Formoz Festival. Rize will be one of the headline bands for this stage alongside e.g. Anna Tsuchiya, but for a taste of what Wind will be like, you can view the picture below from the official FF site.

Formoz Wind - Photo

I really want to go! as it really looks amazing ~ alas it’s peak travel season and plane tickets are prohibitively expensive. But if you are in the area, for around £40 GBP (or $85 USD) you get a 3-day pass to all of the arenas for Formoz Festival 2007, so whilst it’s still a little on the expensive side for locals, it’s definitely a good deal when you take into account the exchange rate!

So if you are attending Formoz Festival 2007, please let us know! We would love to hear about your experiences, especially (of course) those relating to Back-on! For other readers, Back-on Online will try our best to make a full report if/when we find out more at the end of July, so please stay tuned! :D