Back-on’s 3rd Single – Flower – out August 29th 2007!

It’s still a few months before the arrival of August (when Back-on will be performing at their second ever international concert during Anime Evolution in Canada) but in the meantime, a new CD single has popped up in some Japan online CD shops such as Amazon -Japan

under Back-on‘s discography, called Flower!

At present, aside from a few general details such as the release date, label, catalogue reference and recommended price (as listed below):

  • Release date : August 29th 2007
  • Label : Cutting Edge
  • Catalogue ref. : CTCR-40261
  • Recommended price : ¥ 1,200

the only significant information available regarding the single is that it is related to the anime: Eyeshield 21,

where the song, Flower, will be the new ending theme!

If this news seems completely random, Back-on were invited to write the (current) OP and ED of Eyeshield 21, and the songs have just been released as the 3-track single BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming…, which included an additional song EYES.

There is also news that the first releases of Flower will be special edition CDs, with the jacket cover of the single featuring Back-on and the inside-pages of the usual booklet featuring Eyeshield 21. This isn’t too surprising, considering the first release of the single Chain also had a specially-designed booklet!

The really tantalising information about the single is that some sites have mentioned “CD-Extra“, which generally means that something extra (maybe a preview video or an actual video?) will be included with the release. Definitely something to look forward to! :D