Second BACK-ON – YES!!! Review by Sesshy

With all the news flying about regarding BACK-ON‘s forthcoming new single “flyaway‘, we have been a little slow in posting the special fan reviews of BACK-ON‘s debut full-length album YES!!! so apologies for this delay.

To give new readers a little background: several weeks ago, some Forum members kindly volunteered to share their thoughts about the album with us, and we featured our first fan review by Edward at the end of November, which has been read over 200 times since!

However, we did have more than one volunteer, and I am delighted to present our second ever fan review of YES!!! courtesy of Sesshy! She has picked several songs from the album to write about in her rather detailed review, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

About our volunteer reviewer
Nickname: Sesshy
Location: California, USA
Favourite BACK-ON song(s): NEW WORLD, Chain, Sono Mama De (NEW ver.)
Other favourite artists: UVERworld
How did you find out about BACK-ON? By my boyfriend
Mini Introduction: I’m a graphic designer for many things, even for BACK-ON’s Official street team. I’m a HUGE J-music fan. I believe Japanese makes very unique music, which makes me want to listen to over and over. I has have a big inspiration with Art and Music.
Website: Evanescent Studios

The Review:

:::Back-ON YES!!! Review:::

Hate Naiki Michi E [LA Mix]: I really love this song. Especially the beginning when it sounds all hard rock like. The Chorus where Kenji sings is really good. It shows Kenji is getting much better at singing like always. I also notice that Kenji sing some parts in English and I actually understood it. TEEDA’s rapping is also awesome (what’s new?). Around 2:43, He does like some strong rapping voice, which I like! This might be my most favorite song in Back-On’s album.

flower [LA]: I’m a bit annoyed and a bit into it. I love flower, but however I notice they only changed the tone and sound to it, adding more beat to the song. Where Kenji raps in the song around 1:29, I like the “electronic” voice. I also hear more of Icchan’s drumming. However, I still prefer the original song over this. Also, I think Kenji sounds so different in this song. Also, I’ve notice the girl singing is different. But again, prefer the original song.

NEW WORLD: I really thought they were going to remix this song. I wanted to a nice remix, but then again, the song is awesome as it is. NEW WORLD is my most favorite song out of BACK-ON. Kenji’s singing, TEEDA’s rapping, Shu’s guitar, MACCHAN (or ICCHAN), Gori’s bass is all great. Nothing should be change in this song. So pretty much glad this one wasn’t remixed!

Sands of Time: I will always love the electronic voice of Kenji’s in the beginning. When I first heard this song, I was pretty much shaken up at the beginning. What is also good about this song, when I have the bass louder, makes great sounds out of my earphones or stereos. Around 2:00, Teeda was amazing there; sounds all robotic. I guess you can say I like that kind of effects in music. Excellent song.

Butterfly: There could be some changes on this song, even though this one was not remixed like most are. I did love the beat, reminded me some kind of action scene that would be played as a background song. There might be a bit “too” much noise that it kind of hurts your ears a bit unless it’s lowered. I do know all the lyrics to this song since I play BACK-ON a lot. I really like when Kenji says: “You’re my butterfly.” Chorus is well put, but I believe they can did a bit more work to it. Beat is excellent.

BLAZE LINE: I believe this song was defiantly made for the anime Eyeshield 21, which was played as the opening theme song. I did honestly laugh at the part when Teeda said something…a bit over PG-13 rated, haha. The rhythm with the guitars are really well done. Where Teeda starts rapping including the bass playing was like for people to come along and cheer. It can really be played for a football game; that’s I see this song for. Not my favorite song, but I really like it. BOOM, BOOM clap, BACK-ON!

DRIVE: I think I prefer the DRIVE(Shutoko REMIX) since it’s more jumpy. The beat and rhythm is well done, but I think they could make more rock-ish type. To me, it’s calm, something that would be just a chill song, so probably wouldn’t be something to jump with. I didn’t really like how Kenji sang, I guess it kind of annoyed me.

a day dreaming: I believe this song is to be the most calmest song out of their discography. I wasn’t feeling much too this song. I guess it’s…too calm, I guess I can put it that way. I did like the guitar rhythm. Kenji did well singing the chorus, but Teeda could do better with his as well. I know he can sing.

Sono Mama De [NEW ver.]: Indeed I love the new version than the original song. Has more beat, more addings to it. If you compare the old one to the new one, it is such a big improvement and shows how much they HAVE indeed improved. The old version was like some random singing along they made, but this new one is much better to listen and sing along than being just: “random.” Part when they say: “La la laaa” was AWESOME. It gave me chills, but in a good way. Perfect way to end the song, leave you chills.

Hikari Sasuhou [NEW WORLD ver.]: I actually thought they were going to add that one version since it’s not in any official release, but guess not. I believe I prefer the survive version, since it’s more rock-ish, but that’s my taste. I did love how the guitar was played throughout the song. Kenji’s long pause singing was pretty good while Teeda goes out on his rapping. Good song, but the other version is much preferred to me.

Chain [LA mix]: This was a bit unexpected to me because it didn’t sound much like the, what I called, the best Chain live ever. I can tell the different drum beat, which was nice. You can also tell this has more beat and the guitar is more “quiet.” I guess you can call it the pop-side of Chain. Yeah, I see it more pop-ish. Do like that sound that goes: “pash. pash. pash-pash-pash, pash.”

FLYDOM: Pretty much an old, but good punkish song. I can say this song was their beginning and obivously can tell comparing to their newer songs. I can’t imagine a mix of this song, and maybe they have. Though, it’s a fun song, even though they have the “Engrish” parts in it. Fwedom,

color [LA mix]: I love this song, but I don’t really see any much difference like the original. I love the parts when you hear them all techno-y when they go: “I’m going down down down” (I think or “Don’t let me down down down” Haven’t read the lyrics). The guitar delay is really cool. I believe to love this song more than Ashiato.

Ashiato [LA mix]: Again, don’t see a lot of difference than the original song. Ashiato, is a amazing song that goes right between GReeeeN and BACK-ON. Has the mix of both, which is awesome. I hope to see more band combination such as this. The chorus is amazing. I love the part when Teeda spells: “BAReeeeeeeeeeN.” One of my favorite songs.

I would like to say a big thank you to Sesshy for her review and for taking the time to evaluate the album and write a review for us. As we have said before, our aim is to encourage as many people as possible to listen to BACK-ON‘s music, and again, we hope that featuring different styles of reviews is one of the right steps forward to promote their work to others! Please let us know what you think in the comments or on our Forums. :)

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