First BACK-ON – YES!!! Review by Edward

In our previous post, we mentioned that some of our Forum members had kindly volunteered to do a review of BACK-ON‘s new full-length album – YES!!!. Each volunteer was free to write in whatever style or format they wished- so long as it wasn’t just a ‘one word’ review – and I am very happy to present the first of those reviews to you today, courtesy of Edward!

About our volunteer reviewer
Nickname: Edward
Location: CA
Favourite BACK-ON song(s): Rain, Hate Naki Michi E, Chain, Flower, Blaze line
Other favourite artists: Uver-world
How did you find out about BACK-ON? I first heard their song in Air gear
Mini Introduction: I am fourteen years old and I live in Maple Ridge Canada. i am a major BACK-ON fan and I am from Taiwan

The Review:

BACK-ON’s new album, “Yes!!!” is a great collection of their best selling hits like Flower, Sands of time, Blaze line and Chain. I personally like how BACK-ON’s music contains a huge variety of music with a lot of different backgrounds.

From the holy church of “Hate Naki Michi E” to the foot-ball field in “Blaze line” and the tempo ranging from soft rock to hard rocks and rap. The new L.A. mixes have more background sounds and have more echoes.

My favorite re-mix is the one for “Flower” because the background noises, reverbs and echoes work a lot better than the original and the only bad thing abut it is that the violin’s sound has been changed.

I really like how BACK-ON uses a lot of different instruments and how a lot of their songs have deep meanings behind them. Overall this album is majorly awesome and is a must have, I feel lucky to have been chosen to write this review.

Hope you enjoyed reading Edward‘s review! A big thank you to him for taking the time to evaluate their album and send us his thoughts. Our aim is to encourage as many people as possible to listen to BACK-ON‘s music, and hopefully featuring different styles of reviews is one of the right steps to promote their work to others! Please let us know what you think in the comments or on our Forums. :)

p/s: You can now listen to the new songs from YES!!! in full by visiting our Music page and scrolling to the bottom for the player. Unfortunately the latest Flash update has meant that the player currently does not work in Firefox (as far as I know) but does work in Internet Explorer.

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