BACK-ON – Good Job!! album review by Sesshy

It has been 10 days since the release of BACK-ON‘s third album “Good Job!!‘ and in that time, I am sure everyone has discovered their favourite songs or even been surprised by unexpected gems. One fellow BACK-ON fan, Sesshy, has kindly agreed to write a review for us of all the new songs on the album, so we would like to say a big thank you to her!

About our reviewer
Nickname: Sesshy
Location: California, USA
Favourite BACK-ON song(s): NEW WORLD, Chain, Sono Mama De (NEW ver.)
Other favourite artists: UVERworld
How did you find out about BACK-ON? By my boyfriend
Mini Introduction: I’m a graphic designer for many things, even for BACK-ON’s Official street team. I’m a HUGE J-music fan. I believe Japanese makes very unique music, which makes me want to listen to over and over. I has have a big inspiration with Art and Music.
Website: Just Like Glass

The Review:

2. Highway Dancer
The song starts off “live.” Kenji seems to be challenging himself to singing in a high note. I like the random heavy autotune. Just don’t overuse it, TEEDA! Ahahaha. The song is nice and I like it’s more of Kenji or more like… I like Kenji is getting more singing. Great song! Reminds me little of Flyaway single.

4. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
Oh snap. I wasn’t expecting the beginning to sound like this from BACK-ON. This sounds more of a dance song than a rock song. I see Kenji is singing in English. Practice, Mr.! I’m not sure what it is about this song, but it’s really catchy. Especially the “Nananana” and the delay “Nanana” part.

It could be just me, but I’m aware Kenji is a 2NE1 fan and this song actually reminds me a little of 2NE1 and BIG BANG. Note, I’m not a K-pop fan, but have been listening to BIG BANG before the k-pop hype.

5. come on & Let’s go feat.Emyli,kailis from OVER DOSE(Taiwan)
Now we’re going to the hardcore rap/Hip-hop stuff. Kenji is finally rapping… How long has it been since he rapped? Since that one song with his brother? Anyway, TEEDA’s rapping is pretty awesome and his English is really good.

The feature artists. Don’t get me wrong about the previous feature females (I’m a fan of mini), but I’m so glad they got a female who reaches my expectations. Kailis is awesome as well. I would like to check out their works, seeing I don’t have much Taiwanese artists on my list. Thanks Kenji for picking these artists up!

Back to their current style. This is one of their usual slow songs. The title is pretty obvious what the song is about. Makes me wonder if this is for the future family of Kenji’s. The song is pretty good for a slow song as I’m not big on ballads or any slow song type.

7. Word play
Starts off as we’re listening to the radio. This song reminds me of their random songs like Fwreedom. I didn’t like it as much as I did with the other songs unfortunately. Nothing special about it as it’s genetic..

Finally we’re getting some darker songs. This one is pretty good at the beginning. (Something about me liking the beginning parts of this album lol) It’s not as hardcore as ‘New World’ but the chorus is awesome. It’s time to go! Kenji needs to start using his longer notes more often.

9. フタリダイアリー
Starts off slow and then fast. Some piano here and there. Sounds like a normal Japanese rock song you here today, so there isn’t much I can say about this song.

Summer song? Sounds like something you can listen to while going to a party on a beach. It’s definitely not over, we’re just starting the summer. I like the part where Kenji is about to cuss, but the beep covered it. Ahahaha

11. Selfish
I know I’m skipping the single track songs, but to note about this song: on the single, it’s connected to ‘Connectus’ but now that it has it’s own track, the song is a little different from the original.

12. Mr Yesterday
Last song, why do I have a feeling TEEDA created this title? Another… err serious song? Similar to ‘HOME.’ It’s a great song to end the album or even at a live. I wonder when BACK-ON will play at a bigger stage, seeing they’ve played parts of the world already.

Overall: 8/10

The album is good enough to be on the Oricon charts. I hope it does because I would like to see another ‘Flyaway’ ranking. I’m not sure if they’re competing with any other big stars but anyway… The album is great, although I still wish they made more hardcore songs similar to ‘New World’ or ‘Grab.’ Doesn’t have to be always as I understand music style changes.

However, I would love to hear more songs like ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!’ and ‘come on & Let’s go’ as the two are my top favorite songs. So that’s my small review of the album! As the title says: “Good Job!!”

Many thanks again to Sesshy for her review – I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and really appreciate her taking the time to write about the album! The aim of our fansite has always been to be a resource for BACK-ON fans and also to encourage others to listen to the band’s music; Good Job!! really is an excellent release and if you haven’t heard the album yet, pop over to our Music section and scroll to the bottom for our BACK-ON Radio.

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