BACK-ON at Anime USA 2013 – Media Roundup

BACK-ON attended Anime USA 2013 this weekend ( their first live performance abroad in 3 years) and we have rounded up some of the best media available on the net, courtesy of #AnimeUSA2013 attendees.

First, the official group photo posted by BACK-ON on their Facebook page (props to reg for the find) :

BACK-ON at Anime USA Facebook Group photo

And then their group shot with adoring fans (via Musicman-NET):

BACK-ON Anime USA 2013 photo with fans by Musicman-NET

With great thanks to International A.W.o.L, we can also share some amazing concert photos, taken by professional concert photographers, Travis Vaughn and Matt Williams (please visit International A.W.o.L for the full set):

BACK-ON Anime USA Concert Photo 1 BACK-ON Anime USA Concert Photo 2 BACK-ON Anime USA Concert Photo 3

BACK-ON Anime USA Concert Photo 4 BACK-ON Anime USA Concert Photo 5 BACK-ON Anime USA Concert Photo 6

BACK-ON Anime USA Concert Photo 7 BACK-ON Anime USA Concert Photo 8 BACK-ON Anime USA Concert Photo 9

BACK-ON Anime USA Concert Photo 11 BACK-ON Anime USA Concert Photo 10 BACK-ON Anime USA Concert Photo 12

The concert was a great success (see @redneckotaku and @esw01407) and BACK-ON even performed both tracks from their forthcoming single: . The full set list was as follows:

  1. With you
  3. flyaway
  4. Sands of time
  6. ニブンノイチ
  7. flower
  9. Infinity
  10. TELL ME
  11. Gimme!Gimme!Gimme!
  12. Chain

This was confirmed on BACK-ON‘s blog and also by @TheRealPaper who posted a photo of it on Twitter:

It is also worth noting that a hithero unreleased track SKY LINE was also on the list, and according to Musicman-NET INFINITY is apparently a return to the band’s ROCK sound roots with ニブンノイチ being a refreshing(?)  song with a great message about overcoming problems together.

@Therealpaper also won some lovely BACK-ON memorabilia from the auction:

BACK-ON memorabilia 1 - @TheRealPaper BACK-ON memorabilia 2 - @TheRealPaper

And@MAD_candy posted up some fun chekis:

Fun BACK-ON chekis  by @MAD_candy @MAD_Candy - BACK-ON Memorabilia

As did @SeeSeeWorld:

@seeseeworld - BACK-ON funny face shot at Anime USA 2013

And @gencyannie also shared a signed Hello World CD:

@gencyAnnie - Hello World by BACK-ON signed

@gencyannie - group shot with BACK-ON

The band were also interviewed by ThatJrockKid (蘭-Ran-) via Visual Kei Heaven; we will post a link up once it is available but keep checking – time allowing, a text version will be posted up as well!

More photos from the convention can be found on our dedicated Forum thread:

Many thanks to everyone who was good enough to share their work with us. A special mention must go to Ashley Hin of Anime USA, who first told us about BACK-ON‘s return to the US!

If you were at Anime USA this year, we would love to hear about your experience :)