AWOL or Away on Leave in this case for a few days

Thanks to everyone who has supported Back-on Online by visiting and especially those who have commented on news posts. :)  Anyway, everyone needs a mini-break every so often so I’m going to be away from the internet for a few days. This means that any email or PM correspondence (on the Forums) will receive a reply after my return.

Hope you’ve all be happy with the site content so far, including the recent release of A day dreaming… ( Eyeshield 21 ED Version) lyrics. Its far from complete and with this break, it means I can tackle more with renewed vigour.  No promises about content releases during this ‘hiatus’ but if I do finish what I’m trying to do now, you may get a surprise in 2 days. ^^ WordPress has a wonderful feature called Prospective Posting.

In the meantime, please let us know your thoughts on Back-on‘s latest song – do you like it?  It would also be great to have some feedback about the site as well because its only through comments that we can improve your experience as a user!

Finally – just because I’m away doesn’t mean that the Dedicated BACK-ON Forums won’t still buzz with activity! Sowon will be there to cover all bases so please do come along and join in the fun!