Anime Matsuri Autograph Session and more!

My exams (for this term at least) are finally over! Apologies for the slow down in updates recently. I’ll try and make up by posting this piece of news… yes, Back-on will be signing autographs and hosting a Q&A panel! The details of this news post are below, but a special thanks to Kamille and John!

Back-on Online received a question via the FAQ from kamille:

Will they be signing autographs at Anime Matsuri?

Since we didn’t know, an email was sent out to Anime Matsuri and an ultra-fast reply came back from John of Anime Matsuri saying that:

There will also be an autograph session and a Q & A Panel.

This is probably one of the most exciting news updates to-date – hope you’re all as excited as I am! :)

update : I’ve just checked the Anime Matsuri website and it seems there are 2 autograph sessions with the ‘main band’ – one on Saturday in Panel Room 1 at 3pm, and the second on Sunday, again in Panel Room 1/2 from  2-4pm.

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