Anime Matsuri 2007 – Videos galore!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but how does one quantify the impact of a video, let alone several! :)

First up is a video posted by SoundEX (Nao) on Youtube titled “Kenji’s drinking contest” and features the group (and presumably Anime Matsuri staff) Alas embedding has been turned off (understandably) so to watch the video, please visit the official channel directly by clicking the link below:

Official Back-on Street Team – Youtube channel

More videos after the read more…

The next video has been kindly provided by Ichiban (yes, the same Ichi who has shared her pictures in the earlier news posts :D, thanks!) and is a fabulous clip of Kenji03 waving at the camera and giving a little smile *the effect on a fangirl is quite catastrophic actually* :p

Also, also… following on from the concert videos posted by happysky, a new user mineralblue, has kindly posted longer videos of Back-on‘s rendition of Chain and New World on Youtube as well! Watch the two videos below or visit mineralblue (organicraver)’s Youtube channel :)

The first video is Chain:

and the second is New World:

Last but not least, instead of a video… we have a shot of a short newspaper article from Japan with the photo that Back-on took with the crowd and some introductory text – havea look below, courtesy of the G-F-S blog. (Find out more about it in the next news post where we tell you more about G-F-S)

Back-on at Anime Matsuri - Crowd Shot - Newspaper article

I’ll update this post at a later time with more info about the content as well as hopefully an embedded video! :)