Anime Matsuri 2007 – Back-on Concert Videos from cstarresurrection (happysky)

As if photos weren’t enough, we have been given a very rare treat by Ichi‘s friend – cstarresurrection or happysky on the Forums. The title explains it all – they are videos of Back-on performing at the Anime Matsuri concert!

This is a rare glimpse (and good quality :D) into Back-on‘s amazing live-performance standards. Apparently their repetoire/set-list included (with thanks to Miyu-chan and xiijelly)

  2. EYES
  4. Believer
  5. Drive
  6. a day dreaming…
  7. so many tears
  9. Hikari Sasuhou
  10. Chain


  1. Colors
  2. Kodou

We have now been able to confirm the full list thanks to Miyu-chan and xiijelly (earlier, happysky says there were about 10!) , but let us return out focus to the (all important) videos!

Please click on read on…

In the first video, Back-on performs Chain, and, apart from focusing on the band, it is patently obvious that the crowd are going wild! cstarresurrection does a great pan-shot of the surrounding people as well as the screen behind Back-on playing the opening credits for Air Gear. So a big kudos to happysky for some great (and steady-handed) filming!

On to the second and very intriguing video, which I believe follows on after the Chain recording – it’s a song I’m fairly certain I haven’t heard (but it’s abit hard to hear the song itself) which leads me to believe that it could be the third song from their soon-to-be-release (June 6th 2007) single BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming… – also known as EYES. Do watch the video and let me know what you think?

A big thanks again to cstarresurrection for sharing the videos on Youtube with everyone!