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What is BOO?

Last updated: June 18th 2008

Back-on Online is a fansite dedicated to the Japanese rock/punk band Back-on. The author (Flick) heard their *most famous* single to-date Chain whilst “channel-surfing” anime and coming across Air Gear. She was instantly hooked and tried to find out as much as she could about the band.Thankfully, Back-on did have their own website at, so it was possible to find out some good information about the band … even if it was in Japanese. But… what about other (arguably potential) fans? They shouldn”t miss out on such great talent just because of a minor inconvenience known as the language barrier.

Thus, Back-on Online was born – as the only English fansite (thus far) with news, media, information, lyrics and more about the band. Flick believes that Back-on will become one of the most famous Japanese bands, and hopes the website will help to promote the band internationally as well. The site is run on a strictly non-profit basis, so there won”t be any ads gracing the site.

Information sourced from other sources/websites will always be given credit where possible. However, some information is only available through Back-on Online, so please do not post the work elsewhere without prior permission nor claim it as your own, as the site works hard to collate and write up the content!

Not too long ago, the Back-on Online Forums were created (April 2007) when Sowon emailed in and suggested the idea, and in two short months, Flick is proud to say that it’s one of the most active forums she knows of online! A big thanks to Sowon for his fantastic idea! He is currently Forum Administrator on the Forums and is a very encouraging and amiable chap that some members call ‘Sowon-nii-chan’.

Like any webmaster/webmistress, Flick would really appreciate any feedback that visitors can give her. Back-on Online is constantly under review and being improved, but visitor feedback will allow it to become an even better site. If you have any comments or constructive criticisms, or you just want to say hi, comment on the relevant news item, or simply fill in the contact form here.

The site is very proudly hosted by Valcato Hosting and is powered by WordPress with the slightly modified Hemingway-Ex as the theme.

  1. 1
    Kenji03_fan 26.08.08 / 2am

    back-on is the GREATEST cross genres band from japan EVER…i read in anime matsuri that in 07 they came here for an interview and they used english wlyrics in their songs to make it not so direct for japan

  2. 2
    Flick 29.11.08 / 11pm

    I have to agree that they are one of the best bands EVER! :)

    They often credit ‘Matthew Barron’ as the ‘English-man’ and I can only presume this means he helps to look through their lyrics and provide ideas etc.

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