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Last updated: February 28th 2009


The Um…

Name: Flick
Status: Rat racing
Loves: Justin Timberlake as well as Back-on! An unashamed pop and rock fan.

Forum Admin

Sowon's avatarName: William ( real name ) Sowon ( nick )
Age: 20 year old male
Status: University Economics Sciences
Learns Japanese when he can ( everytime )
Favorite Bands ( japan only ) :BACK-ON – UVERworld – JINN
Favorite Artist : Kozue Takada – YUI – Angela AKI -Akeboshi
Favorite phrase : maji de Big Grin
Loves: good music from anywhere and peace :p
Website: Kozue Takada FanSite

Forum Moderator

Name: Kamille
Nick: Ichi
Age: 19
Status: Going to college (soon)
Favorite Japanese phrase: kakkoi desu~!
Favorite Anime: none at the moment (in anime hiatus)
Favorite band next to Back-On: Muse, The Maine, Postal Service, and Deathcab for Cutie
Loves: Music, reading, long vacations, and stress-free days

Forum Moderator

Name: Chanel (pronounced like the famed Chanel products)
Nick: ookami (also ookami210 or ookami.tsuki)
Age: 17
Status: College bound high school student (whatever that’s worth)
Favorite japanese phrase: Kawaii desu, ne?
Favorite Manga: xxxHolic, Eyeshield 21, D. Grayman, Tsubasa
Favorite band next to Back-On: UVERworld, GazettE

Forum Moderator

Name: Dean

Forum Moderator

Name: Sesshy

Wallpaper Maestro (View his work)

Name: Marius
Nick: MJTheOne
Age: 20 year old male
Status: Studying at the NHTV in Holland, International Game Architecture and Design
Favorite japanese phrase: Saa iko u ze!
Favorite Anime: Air Gear, hence the love for Back-On started with Chain^^
Favorite band next to Back-On: Linkin Park

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Safari hates me


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