A first glance at Back-on’s songs from the”Survive” album compilation – Hikari Sasuhou and Grab

The recent influx of comments on the Music page about the newly featured songs on the RadioGrab and Hikari Sasuhou have been quite surprising! I had never realised that quite that many people paid attention to the changes (for the Radio) before, so it was a very happy discovery! :)

I thought I’d write abit more about these songs, since it’s hard to explain everything on the Music page itself! You may have read a previous post about recent updates to Back-on‘s Discography, and details about a CD compilation – Survive – were added, in which Back-on contributes 3 songs:

  2. ヒカリサスホウ (Hikari Sasuhou)
  3. GRAB

The CD compilation was released on June 8th 2005 with songs from Back-on, Airstrike and , and some fans will already know that both Nuts Tribe and ヒカリサスホウ (Hikari Sasuhou) are songs available from Baby Rock and New World.

Since Nuts Tribe has already been included in another album, I’ve decided not to write more about the song. However, the ヒカリサスホウ (Hikari Sasuhou) in Survive is very different from the version found in New World. The lyrics differ slightly, as well as the arrangement of the music, and is not unlike Hikari Sasuhou (FK Metal ver.), a new variation by Back-on for the OP of the anime, Murder Princess.

So for the sake of convenience, this version will be referred to in the future as Hikari Sasuhou (Survive CD ver.) or something like that, at least on this site!

How about Grab? I personally love the music from the verse(s) more than the chorus, and it seems to be a firm favourite by listeners, judging by the reponses so far. Oddly, this song hasn’t yet been included in any of Back-on‘s own releases so far, but it has been featured on another compilation – BASTA LA FESTA – sun face side – – which was released on October 25th 2005.

First thoughts on both songs?

Hikari Sasuhou (Survive CD ver.) is probably the closest (at the moment) to a full version of Hikari Sasuhou (FK Metal. ver.), which is one of my most favourite Back-on tracks, so it’s impossible (for me) to dislike! However, it’s quite clear that Back-on‘s music has improved since 2005 as the Survive CD ver. has quite a raw sound – ie. less polished. The introduction is a little long (58 seconds?), the singing is rather less polished than it’s recent counterpart and there are fewer ‘special’ effects. Nevertheless, it’s a damned good song which also provides an insight into Back-on‘s earlier work.

I also love Grab – it has an upbeat-intro and the underlying melody is fantastic. Alot of emphasis is made on the guitar work and the rap-part of the song, which really carries the entire song, even if the chorus doesn’t quite make the same benchmark in my humble opinion. So overall, the song is very strong in the sense that it’s just makes for great listening, and I hope that Back-on will consider re-recording it to include in their own album at some point.

If you haven’t already listened to the two songs, they are available for streaming from the Radio on the Music page. It would be interesting to find out what other people thought about these two songs in particular, and whilst I still maintain that we should all support Back-on by buying their CDs, one could probably make an exception for compilation tracks, so we at Back-on Online will be providing download links at some point for the songs!