A few updates…

I’ve realised – again and again – there’s a lot of content to be added/updated/edited on Back-on Online, so hope everyone can be as patient as possible. Back-on Online aims to be the BEST fansite dedicated to Back-on, and hopefully we’re not doing *too* badly at the moment whilst we build up the content-base. One also has to consider how the information is laid out, as there is such a variety of data, its confusing just trying to figure out *how* to organise it. If you have any suggestions about how the site should develop, please let me know.

In the meantime, a few page updates have been made to:

  • Band Members – Kenji03’s profile has been added. We’ve also added a couple of comments after some intensive internet research but more details will be added later.
  • Discography – The details for New World and Chain have been added, again with some comments from Back-on Online. It was interesting to find that 鼓動 (Kodou… which is supposed to mean pulsating according to one source)  is actually the main theme for the programme ‘Mayokara‘.

Most of the factual information was sourced directly from the band’s official website, but other information has been compiled from multiple internet sources by this site.  More content will be added in the next few days.