BACK-ON releases 45 second preview clips of all songs from “Good Job!! on”

With thanks to the TEEDA via his Twitter account for the news:  BACK-ON have just posted 45 second preview clips of all the songs from their new album “Good Job!!” on their official website!

It’s definitely what one would call a fast-paced album with a lot of variety, going by the songs showcased here, but I think BACK-ON are catering for everyone here – fans past/present/future – with this ensemble of work. I can hardly wait for May 30th 2012!

Click on the image below to listen to the clips – let us know what your  favourite is so far: my personal one has to be “come on & Let’s go feat. Emyli, KALIS from OVERDOSE (Taiwan)

And I have checked with the OVERDOSE team by the way – his name is KALIS and not Kailis! :)

Screenshot for "Good Job!!" playlist on

p/s: I have now added Ice cream and Piece  to the BOO Radio for your online BACK-ON music fix :)