Watch Kodou PV as well as a clip of Back-on’s live performance!

We haven’t posted updates regarding Back-on Youtube content for a long while (its mainly been about e.g. Murder Princess OVA), but the list included MVs for New World, Gaku-Ten and Flydom. Today, I came across some brand new videos uploaded by the one-and-only blueblueblue. I can only hazard a guess that this user is from Japan but he/she comes up with the most unique Back-on clips!

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The first to showcase in today’s post is the 鼓動 (Kodou) PV which is 2:21 minutes long and features a back-drop not unlike the one found in the MV of Chain as well as speakers… you’ll see what I mean when you watch it.

The second is as per the title above – a clip (presumably filmed by a camera phone) of Back-on performing live – supposedly from their December 14th 2006 gig at Club Asia. This video is low quality (as blueblueblue noted in the title of the clip) but is 1:41 minutes of what fans can expect during their gigs: Back-on (specifically Kenji03 and TEEDA) talking to the crowd and getting lots of laughs and positive feedback before launching into the live rendition of アルティメット足立(Aruteimetto Adachi) from the album Adachi Tribe as well as Hero.

This is the first time I’ve watched either video so I’m really excited about this new ‘find’! :) Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! A huge thanks must go to blueblueblue for sharing the videos :)

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