Tidbits about Back-on at Shibuya Jack

In case you hadn’t seen the previous post about Shibuya Jack, where Back-on recorded a special 45 second video greeting to promote the first all-day music festival (terminology credit: here) where (it turns out) more than 100 bands performed live at several different venues! It was organised by Jesse of Rize (amongst others) and Back-on have talked about it briefly in their blog, and have posted a picture too!

Photo from Shibuya Jack

Although they were only given a 45 minute slot at Unity, they still managed to play 8 songs for their set. Kenji03 has actually posted a picture of their planned set list on his blog, and it seems that they almost performed Colors (the theme song from Tokyo Mayokara) but 8 is a great number, don’t you think? All the songs are definitely great for getting the crowd excited and jumping!

Back-on's Shibuya Jack Setlist from Kenji03

The event was held on Sunday, May 27th 2007 and for the moment, there doesn’t seem to be much media around in terms of pictures, videos etc. I’ll continue the search and hopefully we’ll all get to see something more soon, as it seems to one of their most successful gigs so far! :D