Tags issue fixed

It was really only a small thing that needed adding – a template by the name of tag.php to the main theme folder; but its puzzled me for the past few days. I regard myself as someone who *can* resolve simple coding issues, but Ultimate Tag Warrior completely baffled me. I’ve never felt so helpless before! Thankfully, Nalin the author of HemingwayEx, the theme that powers Back-on Online, was extremely helpful, and even emailed the actual files, which has helped to resolve this mini-issue of tags not functioning.

It turns out the tags used on this site have already been indexed by search engines, so its important that the tags page works. Even more crucially, many users undoubtedly use tags to find ‘related’ content, particularly at this stage where Lyrics forms the main unique content of this site.

So a big thank you to Nalin for all his help!  More content will be added to the site soon – you may have already noticed that the Q&A already has its first question. I’ve also just noticed a display issue in IE6 at least, where the suckerfish-hover script I’m using acts up. This aesthetic problem will be resolved as soon as I can find a solution. Please don’t forget to vote in our new poll as well!