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Watch BACK-ON’s “TELL ME” PV online!

Happy New Year for 2011!

Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year break. In case you hadn’t already caught the news on the redesigned BACK-ON.com (screenshot below) or even on their official Twitter, you can now watch the official PV for TELL ME on Youtube!


Click here to watch it (and add it to your Favourites of course) or click on ‘Read more’ below to view it on BOO.

Do I like the song? The answer is: I *absolutely* love it! It reminds me of the time I first heard Chain, as it is so memorable, even though the style of music is slightly different. One of the main highlights has to be TEEDA‘s rapping over the heavy guitar riffs(?) between 0:37 – 0:47 but if you’re after some great verses, a super catchy chorus and bridge, then I reckon you’ll definitely like TELL ME, as KENJI03‘s vocals are just so good.

As for the PV: fans who attended BACK-ON‘s Anime Matsuri concert in 2010 will be in for a treat, as the band decided to go down the BLAZE LINE route and feature clips from their trip to the USA; and from what I recall on the Forums (posts by IchiI think!), they actually performed this song during the concert, so if you catch yourself in the PV, please do let us know~ :)

So without further ado (and don’t forget to tell us if you like it) the PV:

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