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Watch the 30 second preview of “flyaway” on Youtube!

Following on from our previous post about the new single flyaway, we discovered (via Yuki on the BOO Forums) that BACK-ON had changed the video on the front page of their official website to feature a 30-second preview of the title track “flyaway“!

Back-on.com - flyaway
Brand new BACK-ON.com – flyaway version

It appears to be a TV ‘spot’ ad that is currently playing to people across Japan (we hope!) to promote the new single, but the video was quite small, although we were all very excited to hear a clip of the chorus. However, in the meantime, it turns out that AbyssalChronicles has actually uploaded this clip for everyone to watch on Youtube!

Click on the link below to ‘watch it in high quality’ directly on Youtube!


Alternatively you can still watch the ‘normal’ version at the end of this post. For the sake of better graphics in particular, I would really recommend watching it on Youtube directly!

And on a quick side note, JUICE magazine did a quick preview for the new BACK-ON single, and the author seems to say that the theme of this single was:

Friendship & Courage (友情や勇気)

Hope you all enjoy watching the preview! :) Like some others, I am very excited by how good the songs sounds from the clip, and aside from the surprise that the lyrics for the single might already be available online, I can’t wait till we hear the song in full!

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BACK-ON’s new single “flyaway” CD covers and Tracklisting confirmed!

This major news update comes courtesy of Sesshy who recently became head admin of Sound-Ex and arrives with plenty of images, including brand new group and individual photos on BACK-ON’s official website as well as the tracklistings and new CD covers for both editions of the CD!

The images we have all been waiting since the news hint of the new single, flyaway, were the CD covers for both the standard or normal flyaway single cover (shown first) AND the limited edition ‘Tales‘ version:

As the news update from Sound Ex put it:

Even though it’s not “Back-On’s style, I REALLY love the covers.

I would have to agree wholeheartedly with the latter statement, especially as I also love the covers too (why are the images so tantalisingly small!?) and I am sure you feel the same too (especially fans of the PSP series: Tales of the World – if you weren’t already aware of the news, BACK-ON is writing the OP and ED theme music for the brand new game Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2) although if I were to really ‘look’ for any similarities to BACK-ON‘s previous CD cover designs, I would say that the cursive writing reminds me of Chain, one of BACK-ON‘s earliest singles, which features that nice italic-cursive-style as well.

Anyway, before I digress further, let us move on to the tracklisting. The question we were all (at least several of us?) dying to know was whether the limited/Tales edition of the CD would include anything extra – Chain, for instance, did not – but as the official BACK-ON website confirmed (screenshot), there is an additional track called: flyaway 『テイルズ オブ』Remix or flyaway (Tales of) Remix!

So the official tracklisting is as follows (with the Remix version only available with the limited/Tales edition):

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BACK-ON’s new single “flyaway” due out on January 28th 2009!

Hot on the heels of BACK-ON‘s newest release – their first ever full length album YES!!! – we now have news that their next single is due out in just over 2 months on January 28th 2009! :)

Although there is no hint of this on their website, the news is official, as it was included on an informational flyer with YES!!! It was quite a surprise when this small sheet of paper came fluttering out as I unfolded the CD insert, and you can see for yourself what I saw:

At that moment, I actually quite *forgot* that I was meant to be excited about YES!!! and jumped around for this instead. If you can read a bit of Katakana or are feeling resourceful enough to find one of those helpful pronunciation tables on Google Images, the blurb at the bottom of the leaflet says something like:

Bandai Namco game: Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2‘s theme song “flyaway” is the title track of the 3 song (single)…

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Sound Ex – Back-on Official Street Team – Website relaunched!

We’ve been meaning to write up the news of the Sound EX website relaunch for weeks now, and so in the gap between (attempted) exam revision, we would like to congratulate Sound EX for their amazing redesign!

Screenshot of new Sound EX website!

The redesign and coding has been the brainchild and work of Sesshy, and is inspired by the cover of Back-on‘s latest single Sands of time. I really like this new design, as it looks very sleek and clean, and is extremely easy to navigate, so kudos to Sesshy for doing such a great job! I am very glad she decided to retain the grungy font from the original site as well :)

In addition to this makeover, a new intro flash to the website has also been released, featuring photos of Back-on from their latest photo shoot and Sands of time playing in the background. Unfortunately (as before) we haven’t been able to include screenshots of the flash animation on their front page, and so it is best enjoyed by visiting the Sound EX website yourself!

If you like the relaunch of Sound EX, why not write a comment on their guestbook and let Nao and Sesshy know? :)

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BLAZE LINE PV due out soon!

The news comes with thanks to Koutarou, who posted the link to the news on the Forums! The announcement was made on Back-on’s Myspace on Friday, June 1st 2007 as a blog post:

Another promotion video from new single “BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming…” is completed !

It will be uploaded soon !

Please check it !

Sound Ex has said (in the same forum thread) that the PV should be released ‘in a week or so’ so keep an eye out everyone! :) I’m certainly looking forward to it’s release!

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Upcoming content…

Its been a while since the last update (ok… its been a few minutes if you count the Hikari Sasuhou (FK Metal ver.) [Murder Princess OVA OP version] lyrics) as I’ve been away on holiday (I had a lovely time in case you were wondering ;) but I had no access to the internet) but to give you an idea (again) of what you can look forward to on Back-on Online:

  • More lyrics – practice makes perfect and the more I type out lyrics from the album sleeves the faster I can finish it. They do take up time though and with exams on the horizon I can’t promise many, but I will try my best.
  • More media – this is one of the most popular areas of the site and Back-on Online will continue to provide as much content and variety as possible.
  • More Interesting content – as one of the handful of English sites dedicated to Back-on (here I insert unashamed plugs about Sound EX, JaME and J!-ENT as well as Back-on’s Myspace – where backontokyo has mysteriously disappeared but thankfully we still have backonjapan) it’s important to ensure visitors don’t become bored and continue to maintain their interest in the band! I’m still researching the specifics but would welcome any feedback or even any guest articles such as reviews and others from visitors as well, so please feel to free to contact us if you’re interested!

Sowon's Avatar Ichi's Avatar

On that note, I’d like to thank Sowon again for doing such a great job as forum super-mod on the Dedicated Back-on Forums. A special mention must go to Ichiban (or Ichi :p) for being so active as well! She currently holds the title of being top poster! :)

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Have a question for Back-on? Come and post it here!

Back-on will be headlining Anime Matsuri at the end of April and, as part of their schedule of events, they will be hosting a Q&A PANEL on Saturday, April 28th 2007, which is a golden opportunity to ask them questions!

Sound EX and Ichiban (both are members of the Back-on forum) will be at Anime Matsuri, and Sound Ex has started a forum thread for collating questions, both for the Q&A PANEL as well the forthcoming private interview time that Sound EX has arranged with Back-on.

So if you have any burning questions – come forth and post on the forum! You can find the direct url below:


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Site updates 4 – New Forums, new staff and navigation change

As promised from yesterday, this news update summaries the changes to the site.

  • New Back-on Forumhttp://www.backon-online.com/forums/
    The original idea for the forums was conceived by Sowon, the new Forum-Supermoderator. :) You can find out more about him by clicking on Site Staff but this is the first forum dedicated to Back-on by fans for fans. Please do signup and participate in the discussions where possible! Its still work-in-progress so feedback and activity really help!
  • New Staff – Please welcome Sowon to the Back-on Online Team! Sowon hails from France and has stepped into the role of Forum Supermoderator. He has already made an impact by triggering alot of forum activity!
  • New Affiliate – I would also like to welcome Sound Ex as our brand new affiliate! Sound Ex is the official Back-on US street team and you can find their current website here: http://www.myspace.com/backon_soundex Nao runs Sound Ex, and Back-on Online look forward to working with her to promote Back-on as much as possible.
  • Site Navigation Change – The top navigation bar was becoming a little bit clogged up so, taking inspiration from JaME (who will feature in a later news post) I’m starting to re-organise the static site content. Hopefully it will also make it easier for users to find more information.I am very keen to hear feedback with regards to how easy it is for you to find what you’re looking for on Back-on Online, but in case you weren’t already aware of it – the Search function at the top of each page is usually very good, as well as the Related Posts found on the left of each full article.

I am currently considering creating a special page for each anime that features Back-on‘s music ie. Murder Princess OVA as well as Air Gear and Eyeshield 21. Each page would introduce the anime as well as Back-on‘s actual song and links to any media available on the site. Please do let me know if you think this will make your user experience of Back-on Online much better!

p/s: One of the forthcoming news updates will be something extra special – *hint* its to do with new lyrics!

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Sound Ex – Back-on’s official US Street Team

If you’re like me, you won’t know what a street team is, but thankfully there is always Wikipedia. SoUnD eX has been setup to raise awareness for Back-on in the US, and has been gathering people on their Myspace. Sound Ex’s main goal is to:

… help BACK-ON get more US fans so that they will be able to return to the states.

As far as I understand it, their first major event will be at Anime Matsuri, understandable as that is where Back-on will make their international debut. Visit Sound Ex’s website and show your support!

Sound Ex Banner

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