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New design for Back-on.com – Back-on’s Official Website!

It’s been a while since the website design for Back-on.com was updated, but today, it underwent a revamp, and the new design is definitely a breath of fresh air!

With thanks to Koutarou for the news – although the fundamental content layout hasn’t changed (which is good for frequent visitors) the new look is definitely a much easier read, (with larger font – dark on a light background) and navigation is also very straightforward, without having to rely on e.g. Flash as before.

It’s not quite “Web 2.0“, which is just as well because it doesn’t need to be, and I love it! It’s clean and intuitive! You can see a screenshot of the new site below:

New Back-on.com

The main header is a photo taken for their promotion of BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming… (which is due out tomorrow!) and you can see the original photo below, available from their blog:

Back-on Promotional

Unfortunately it turns out I hadn’t actually taken a screenshot of the previous version (with it’s classic red brick background) but hopefully a screenshot of the first, second and third versions of Back-on.com will make up a little for this oversight!

Back-on.com - Version 1
Version 1 | December 2004 without images (promoting Adachi Tribe)

Back-on.com - Version 2
Version 2| August 2005 promoting Hero

Back-on.com - Version 3
Version 3 | December 2005 with ‘Mokkun‘ flash

What do you think of the new site? :D Please let us know!

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Back-on’s new drummer – Icchan!

As part of the March 26th 2007 breaking news, Back-on have announced that they have a new drummer – Icchan! :) Icchan has actually been working with Back-on since October of last year as the support or back-up drummer to Macchin, but now he has risen up to be a full band member in his own right! So, a huge welcome to Icchan!

Welcome to Icchan

Icchan wrote a message to the fans:

どーも!! 新しくBACK-ON のメンバーに加わりましたICCHANです。


This can be very badly translated to:

Domo! This is Icchan, the new member of Back-on. It could be that some people already know of me from the live performances since October, but this time, I have officially become a member of the band!

At the time I didn’t think (not sure what the babelfish was trying to say here) that I’d be part of the band when we first met, but now I’m part of the band, successfully succeeding Macchin. But Macchin helped create Back-on’s musical style, so (something about a dirty history? but working together)

I hope that lots of people want to see the new Back-on and listen to their new style of music.

I’d like to move forward, step by step with (such amazing?) band members and musical talent. Because… (not sure what’s going on here again)

Please continue to support Back-on! I am pleased to meet you!!

Apologies for the rubbish translation but to make up somewhat… I’m currently in the process of updating the Band Members with Icchan‘s profile.

p/s: If you can correct this translation, please let me know!

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New Domain – Backon-Online.com!

Back-on Online now has its very own domain name! Its taken a while to get everything resolved – due to a slight delay with getting login details from the registrar, but yes, please update your links to this new address!

Please don’t think this is going to be the final layout – we’re just using a template at the moment before the redesign/overhaul – I realise the content is organised in a rather haphazard manner. If you like Back-on Online, please tell everyone else about it!

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