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Site updates 5 – Subscribe and keep up with new posts!

Back-on Online already offers the option of subscribing to comments on a particular page so that you receive an email when someone writes a new comment; but now you can also choose to receive an email whenever we post news or updates! Although we would love you to visit on a daily basis, we know it can be a chore to check on so many sites if you’re short of time.

To subscribe – visit Subscribe-2-News and enter your email address. You will then receive a verification email to confirm that you have indeed subscribed to the site. It’s very easy to unsubscribe and you can also choose to only subscribe to certain categories of news – e.g. if you only want to receive an email when new media news is posted to the website.

Your email address will not be used for anything else but to notify you of updates, and it definitely won’t be passed on to third parties or used for commercial purposes.

I find this tool very useful on other sites (as well as the Subscribe to Comments) and hope this will improve your experience of Back-on Online.

With regards to other site updates, the Back-on band pages have been updated a little these past few days. Over the next week, the plan is to review old content and try and improve each post. This has already been started, where previous media news posts regarding Youtube videos for PVs and MVs have now been updated from just links to embedded video, so you won’t have to open up a new window to watch the content.

For the last part, I would like to talk about the newly improved Back-on Fan Forum *with thanks to Sowon* There is now a new header as well as a new content structure which should make it easier for everyone to find and post their messages. You can now also embed Youtube videos within your posts!

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Watch a short clip of Nuts Tribe PV

Nuts Tribe is featured on two of Back-on’s mini-albums : Hero and Baby Rock. Back-on Online has chanced upon a short clip of the PV on Youtube. Its only 41 seconds long but has kindly been provided by alyien2k4. The PV (clip) is quite simple – featuring only the band without the elaborate background setup from other pvs. Take a look on

Screenshots and production info (when available) will be updated soon.

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Watch the Gaku-Ten PV featuring Nao Oikawa

The Gaku-Ten PV video at Youtube was already featured on a previous post, but it really does warrant its very own page. The video comes courtesy of blueblueblue, and features Nao Oikawa (及川奈央) as the teacher. Its quite evident in the video that Gaku-Ten is about the delinquent Back-on members fantasising about their new (homeroom?) teacher. The ending of the video itself is hilarious hehe… anyway, screenshots and more production information to come (exclusively Back-on Online) but watch the video first:

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Watch the Flydom PV

The Youtube link to the Flydom PV (courtesy blueblueblue) was already posted in one of our earlier news posts, but I guess it really does justify its very own (news) page! So without further ado and with additional screenshots to come (exclusively by Back-on Online) …

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