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BACK-ON revamp BACK-ON.com and reveal a 38 second teaser for 愛言葉~この世界の中で君と出会えたキセキ~

Happy New Year to you all for 2013!

Sorry it’s been a while since we have updated the site.  Fans will probably know that – since the last update – KENJI03 became a father in July 2012 to a lovely baby boy (weighing 2,952 grams or 6.5 lbs) and BACK-ON have continued to be very busy with their live schedule.

They have also recently revamped their official HP http://www.back-on.com – by changing the main photo and rearranging the content below the logo and navigation.   As part of the revamp, they are now able to showcase 5 clips of their most well-known songs including: flower, with you, Ice Cream, Tomorrow never knows and Chain.

BACK-ON.com December 2012

In addition to this, the band also released  38 second teaser for their new song 愛言葉~この世界の中で君と出会えたキセキ~ (Ai kotoba ~ kono sekai no naka de kimi to deae ta kiseki ~)  which translates into Words of Love ~ The miracle of meeting you in this world.

It’s a beautiful title and definitely takes the top prize for being the longest one by BACK-ON. I do like what seems to be the chorus which has the piano and strings playing in the background as KENJI03 and TEEDA sing and rap;  KENJI03 also sings “I love you” in Japanese, English and Mandarin Chinese (我愛你 – wo ai ni) in one sentence.

Hope you enjoy the clip as much as I do – feel free to listen to it on BOO by clicking on ‘Read more’  (or just below if you’re reading the full post) where we have provided a clip for your enjoyment :)  Let us know what you think!

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BACK-ON to release new single “Ice cream” on May 9th 2012!

Single cover for Ice creamBACK-ON has just announced that they will be releasing their new single Ice cream on May 9th 2012! It will feature two tracks:

  1. Ice cream
  2. Piece

The title track ‘Ice cream is said by Musicman-NET to be a party-rock tune, and the new single cover, which was posted by TEEDA on his latest blog post just earlier (so did the staff), has now made its way onto the band’s official discography page.

In addition, Musicman-NET also shared a brand new promotional photo of the band – shown below – featuring some seriously heavy eyeliner; even our lovely Shu has undergone a revamp with his new slicked-back hair!

Image source: Musicman-NET

The article talks about BACK-ON‘s recent work, including TEEDA‘s collaboration with Koda Kumi  (aka. Mrs Kenji03) on her 50th single  “Poppin’ love cocktail feat.TEEDA“, as well as KENJI03 and TEEDA‘s performance on a-Nation, says that this is one of most anticipated releases from the band, and that the band will be performing their new songs at their forthcoming tour in June!

p/s: It also mentions a forthcoming album release at  the end of May… so much to look forward to! :)

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Congratulations to KENJI03 and Koda Kumi on their forthcoming marriage!

We would like to wish the happy couple all the best for their forthcoming marriage!  KENJI03 made the announcement about their engagement earlier today on the band’s official website:





With thanks to Tokyo Hive for the translation (where you can also read Koda Kumi‘s announcement) this is what he had to say:

I’m sorry to surprise you with this sudden announcement.  I, BACK-ON’s KENJI03, will be getting married to Koda Kumi-san who I’ve been dating, in the end of this month.  Though it has not been that long since we met, we have decided to walk together as a partner for each other’s life.  I want to aim to be the most punchy married couple in the universe.  Please continue to watch over us with warm eyes.

It’s such brilliant news! We’re really happy for them here at BOO and would like to wish them a wonderful future together!

p/s: If you tweet – don’t forget to look up KENJI03 and send him your own message of congratulations!

p/s2:  And feel free to join in with our discussion on the Fan Forums too (w/thanks to Sesshy)!

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Interview with Back-on in Five-For Magazine with a chance of winning special Back-on merchandise!

If you have been following the news updates on BOO, you’ll have noticed the increasing number of ‘magazine’ interviews with Back-on that have been published in English! This includes Carlos Pardo‘s Anipike interview with the band at Anime Evolution 2007; the first published interview on paper in purple SKY Magazine, as well as one or two others we have yet to write up – a definite indication of Back-on‘s growing international popularity!

Each article/interview offers it’s own unique perspective of the band, and this undoubtedly includes the most recent issue (only its second!) of Five-For magazine, which features a special interview with Back-on, in addition to an exclusive review (including pictures!) of the band’s final concert of 2007 ‘Code 003’, which was the finale of their “Shining Line” tour in Japan!

We’ve included a small preview of one of the Back-on pages below for your reference that can be found on the Five-for website, as well as the cover of this particular issue (2):

Five-for Back-on Preview Five-for second issue Cover Preview

And if the interview and concert review (by Sabrina) weren’t enough, Five-For is also giving fans the opportunity to win special Back-on merchandise from their 2007 finale concert, including an autograph board as well as a Back-on towel! The draw takes place on February 21st 2008, so if you are planning to purchase the magazine, please do try and order it before the deadline if you’re interested in participating in the contest!

And for a quick lowdown: Five-For is a new bi-monthly magazine dedicated to Japanese Music. The editor, Sara Crane, mentioned that a major part of the magazine *is* covering the gigs and shows that the bands do at home in Japan. More information can be found on the Five-for website, where it can also be ordered online for $10.95 (US/Mexico/Canada) or $15.95 (Europe/Asia/South America), inclusive of delivery.

In addition to Back-on, the second edition of Five-for also includes interviews/live reports with Hitomi Shimatani, Koda Kumi, the pillows, and Danger Gang amongst others.

As with all articles featuring Back-on, please let us know what you think! :) If you do enter the competition, good luck! We’ll keep our fingers crossed what one of our visitors is the lucky winner!

G・F・S – タネウマ (Taneuma) MV ft. Kenji03, Teeda, Mr. Blistah (MIC BANDITZ) and Matthew Barron

After watching so many videos this week (courtesy of users such as happysky, mineralblue, Ichi and SoundEX) from Anime Matsuri, one would think there weren’t any other Back-on videos to be found online!

So imagine my surprise when Sowon posted a link to this Youtube video from gangangan03 on the Back-on Online Forums. The song, タネウマ (Taneuma) or ‘Studhorse’ by the Japanese hip-hop duo G・F・S guest features Back-on‘s Kenji03 and Teeda, where Kenji03 does a lot of solo rapping, as well as another big name in the hip-hop industry – Mr. Blistah, and a Japan-based , Seattle-born American rapper Michael Barron.

Like Back-on, Japanese hip-hop duo G・F・S also hail from Adachi in Tokyo and consist of “A”- Proud (pronounced Ace-proud) the MC and trackmaker, and Yoshi, the DJ. You can see their respective pictures below from their official website:

Yoshi from GFS HP

Now that you’ve seen “A”-Proud‘s picture and read that he’s from Adachi, does it ring a bell? I really hope it does, because:

“A”-Proud is none other than Kenji03’s older brother!

I just had to state that fact in a very obvious place! :D It’s a very exciting piece of news, because this is the older brother that introduced Macchin to Back-on in the first place to complete their first line-up, and the best part is, it is evident (once you watch the video below and listen to more of their music) that “A”-Proud himself is a talented artist! Do we need anymore factual proof that musical talent does run in the family ;)

Now that I’ve got you all hyped up…

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