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Back-on’s debut International Concert in Asia – FORMOZ FESTIVAL 2007, Taiwan!

The latest news about Back-on‘s Asian debut in Taiwan comes courtesy of SoundEX, where Back-on will be headlining the Wind Stage of the Formoz Festival 2007 in Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city, on July 29th 2007!

Formoz Festival 2007

This outdoors music festival, which began in 1995 and is held annually at the end of July. As one of the major events in the rock music calendar, it attracts artists from all over the world, particularly those from around Asia. Artists that have performed at FF (note the logo are mirrored Fs) in recent years include Moby, Super Furry Animals, May Day, The Back Horn, Lisa Loeb, Kishidan and Nanase Aikawa.

This year, Formoz Festival have invited groups such as OK GO (they did the ‘famous’ Treadmill Dancing video!), LM.C, Anna Tsuchiya and Teriyaki Boyz. But most importantly, Back-on, G.F.S and even Rize will be performing!

Formoz Festival 2007 - Wind Stage logo

As mentioned before, Back-on will be the feature act on what is known as the Wind [風] stage, an arena traditionally reserved for the most well-known performers. There are seven other themed arenas, including:

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Teeda’s collaboration with other artists: “HOUSE OF PUNK featuring 69 REMIX”

Back-on do have a history of collaborating with other bands (e.g. with G.F.S on Taneuma) and, as one of the main driving forces behind the band, one can only expect Teeda to also individually collaborate with other artists at some point! So I’m happy to say that a new CD has just been released: HOUSE OF PUNK featuring 69 REMIX which features the track (#10) Twister by MC.Teeda, S48 and Animal-K!

The album, released on June 20th 2007 (and is also known as just ‘House of Punx‘) contains 15 tracks with contributions from multitudinous individuals who, like Teeda are also part of other bands. This includes the core producers of the album, who are also known collectively as Loud 69 Punx.

The list of individual artists includes (band name is within brackets, info courtesy of TowerRecords.jp):

House of Punx featuring 69 REMIX

Now that we’ve gone through the (rather extensive!) list of artists, aside from the fact that the CD retails at a price of ¥ 2500, has the catalogue number TSE-001 and is produced by T-star Entertainment (website is currently down, but apparently this is an Indie label) we arrive at yet another long list – the tracklisting…

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Tidbits about Back-on at Shibuya Jack

In case you hadn’t seen the previous post about Shibuya Jack, where Back-on recorded a special 45 second video greeting to promote the first all-day music festival (terminology credit: here) where (it turns out) more than 100 bands performed live at several different venues! It was organised by Jesse of Rize (amongst others) and Back-on have talked about it briefly in their blog, and have posted a picture too!

Photo from Shibuya Jack

Although they were only given a 45 minute slot at Unity, they still managed to play 8 songs for their set. Kenji03 has actually posted a picture of their planned set list on his blog, and it seems that they almost performed Colors (the theme song from Tokyo Mayokara) but 8 is a great number, don’t you think? All the songs are definitely great for getting the crowd excited and jumping!

Back-on's Shibuya Jack Setlist from Kenji03

The event was held on Sunday, May 27th 2007 and for the moment, there doesn’t seem to be much media around in terms of pictures, videos etc. I’ll continue the search and hopefully we’ll all get to see something more soon, as it seems to one of their most successful gigs so far! :D

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Back-on’s Video Greeting for Shibuya Jack

Since their return to Japan, Back-on have resumed their usual performance schedule playing gigs at various clubs, including

  • a special performance at Ruido K2 on May 10th, especially presented by Icchan
  • performing with Airstrike on the second day of their Airstrike presents Airtrip11 – The 2 Days gig at Honnou’s Clove in Chiba on May 13th
  • as one of the main bands for GOLDEAD presents UEST SIDE vol.11 HIP ROCK NIGHT-ONE LIFE ONE CHANCE at Nagano Club Junk Box on May 26th

In addition, they also have another gig scheduled for this evening (May 27th 2007) as part of the *massive* Shibuya Jack event, which features 30+ artists including RIZE (Jesse is one of the organisers) and ELLEGARDEN for a dedicated evening of Rock! Back-on will be performing at Club Unity from 20:45 ~ 21:30, wrapping up the evening as the last of the 5 bands at the venue. Shibuya Jack will then continue into the night with an extensive list of DJs performing at various clubs.

To give an idea about how *large* the event really is, you can see a screenshot of the website showing a list of the sponsors:

Shibuya Jack - Sponsors

and also, a photo of Jesse et. al promoting the event on the streets (courtesy of Olly Denton)

Shibuya Jack Promotion

I don’t know why I keep leaving the most important part till the last but yes, there is a video!

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Air Gear OST II – Who Wants More Groovy Trick!!?? – Chain (Short) Instrumental Remix Extravaganza

The Air Gear opening theme – Chain is one of the songs that introduced *lots* of people (including yours truly) to the wonderful band that we all know as Back-on, and since reading the interview by JaME, I’ve become intrigued by the idea of remixes, since Back-on have said that they would like to:

rearrange Chain in DUB

where DUB is apparently a form of Jamaican music with reggae origins. To bring this into context, Back-on‘s name was given by Jesse of the Japanese metal, reggae and rap band RIZE. :)

So how does this all relate to the Air Gear OST II?

I have to confess that I haven’t actually seen the anime Air Gear beyond Episode 1, because I became a bit too obsessed intrigued by Back-on to continue watching it, but listening to the second OST (original sound track) is really helping to change my mind!

Air Gear - OST I - Cover from Amazon.co.jp

The first OST (original sound track) “What a Groovy Trick!” was hailed as a great album, but for fans of the show, it appears to have lacked the instrumental versions of Chain used throughout the anime.

Air Gear - OST II - Cover from Amazon.co.jp

The producers haven’t made the same mistake twice, and the second OST “Who wants More Groovy Trick!!??” features 8 (short but) different instrumental remix versions of Chain by Skankfunk! And in all honesty, I love them all!

You can see the track-listing below (courtesy of Wikipedia):

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