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Happy 2008 to everyone from BOO!

It is a few days late, but we would like to wish everyone a Very HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2008! Hope you all succeed in everything that you want to do this year, and best of luck for it! :)

The aim for us this year? For BOO to become better! :) We definitely have something to look forward to, as BOO will be celebrating its very first birthday very soon! It would be an understatement to say that it has been a brilliant time, where the definite highlight was the opening of the BOO Forums by Sowon in April 2007!

I’ve met some seriously amazing Back-on fans through there, and if you do have some time, I would really encourage you to pay a visit and have a look around! A big thanks must go to the members for their great support, and if you did have any questions about the band (and band members) this is the place to ask as there are lots of experts! :)

Because the new year is a time of reflection:

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who has supported the site in some way or another, whether as a fantastic fellow admin (Sowon) or by providing site content (MJtheOne for the wallpapers, funbari for the lyrics, and guitar chords by Avalonstar12) including the images found in the Gallery (particularly ichiban) and also the special Back-on videos provided by gangangan03, blueblueblue and SoundEX amongst others. Of course the thank you must extend to the many people (who I’m sorry to have not mentioned here) who have made the site so much richer by posting comments and writing about their experiences both on the Forums and the main site. THANK YOU!


Happy new year everyone!

p/s: And for some really yummy news, rumour has it that Back-on will be releasing a brand new single on January 30th 2008. We don’t have much detail to go by at the moment, but will definitely keep you posted! If you would like to follow the latest developments, feel free to read the forum thread about the new release created by slipknot240.

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Download the ‘a day dreaming…’ PV and MP3

Today’s (or should I say, this season’s!) most anticipated download has been brought to you courtesy of Sowon! :) Back-on Online‘s Forum Super-moderator has just uploaded an .avi version of the PV (which is just under 32 mbs) as well as an mp3 rip of the video!

Back-on - a day dreaming... PV screenshots by Sowon

All the media can be found on the Forums, including more PV screenshots that you can see above (again provided by Sowon!) The direct link to the thread is:


The video is unlike any of Back-on‘s previous PVs (the list currently includes Chain, New World, Kodou, and Nuts Tribe) and features scenic views of (presumably) Houston (it was filmed before their performance at Anime Matsuri) with some great closeups of all the band members, particuarly Teeda and Kenji03, although Icchan does win his arm wrestling match against a local(?) on the hood of their white truck! (Lucky guy! He gets to feature in Back-on‘s PV!)

What do you think about the PV? :D

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Listen to a short music clip of ‘EYES’ and watch a preview of ‘a day dreaming…’ PV on Back-on’s Myspace!

This very exciting pieces of news comes courtesy of JohnP via this forum thread! Back-on have posted a brand new preview clip of their PV ‘a day dreaming…‘ on their Myspace! Although you can watch it below, I would highly recommend visiting their Myspace directly! :)

(Click on ‘read on’ to watch the PV and download the sample clip of EYES!)

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Anime Matsuri 2007 – Pictures from Ichiban et friends and Miyu-Chan

If you’re a regular visitor, you’ll already know of Ichiban (Ichi) who is one of our most active forum members. This weekend, Ichi, Ookami and Nao (SoundEX) all attended Anime Matsuri, and Ichi has been kind enough to upload pictures from the convention on to the Forums and share it with everyone! Thanks Ichi! Click on the link below to go straight to the forum thread! :D

Anime Matsuri Pictures and such

The captions underneath each picture are pretty self-explanatory but they are really awesome pictures with great closeups of the band! :D Everyone in the band (especially TEEDA and KENJI03 looked even more gorgeous in these photos! This is what I’ve stayed up for! No really… the other pictures are brilliant too (I must ask about the camera) – they won the Ramune Cosplay Contest as Pocky Boxes that they worked very hard on.

Miyu-chan (a brand new member!) has also kindly shared her photos with everyone from Anime Matsuri as well! :) You can see a few of them below but again, check the link to the thread above for more pictures!


Anime Matsuri - Back-on 2

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Upcoming content…

Its been a while since the last update (ok… its been a few minutes if you count the Hikari Sasuhou (FK Metal ver.) [Murder Princess OVA OP version] lyrics) as I’ve been away on holiday (I had a lovely time in case you were wondering ;) but I had no access to the internet) but to give you an idea (again) of what you can look forward to on Back-on Online:

  • More lyrics – practice makes perfect and the more I type out lyrics from the album sleeves the faster I can finish it. They do take up time though and with exams on the horizon I can’t promise many, but I will try my best.
  • More media – this is one of the most popular areas of the site and Back-on Online will continue to provide as much content and variety as possible.
  • More Interesting content – as one of the handful of English sites dedicated to Back-on (here I insert unashamed plugs about Sound EX, JaME and J!-ENT as well as Back-on’s Myspace – where backontokyo has mysteriously disappeared but thankfully we still have backonjapan) it’s important to ensure visitors don’t become bored and continue to maintain their interest in the band! I’m still researching the specifics but would welcome any feedback or even any guest articles such as reviews and others from visitors as well, so please feel to free to contact us if you’re interested!

Sowon's Avatar Ichi's Avatar

On that note, I’d like to thank Sowon again for doing such a great job as forum super-mod on the Dedicated Back-on Forums. A special mention must go to Ichiban (or Ichi :p) for being so active as well! She currently holds the title of being top poster! :)

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Site updates 5 – Subscribe and keep up with new posts!

Back-on Online already offers the option of subscribing to comments on a particular page so that you receive an email when someone writes a new comment; but now you can also choose to receive an email whenever we post news or updates! Although we would love you to visit on a daily basis, we know it can be a chore to check on so many sites if you’re short of time.

To subscribe – visit Subscribe-2-News and enter your email address. You will then receive a verification email to confirm that you have indeed subscribed to the site. It’s very easy to unsubscribe and you can also choose to only subscribe to certain categories of news – e.g. if you only want to receive an email when new media news is posted to the website.

Your email address will not be used for anything else but to notify you of updates, and it definitely won’t be passed on to third parties or used for commercial purposes.

I find this tool very useful on other sites (as well as the Subscribe to Comments) and hope this will improve your experience of Back-on Online.

With regards to other site updates, the Back-on band pages have been updated a little these past few days. Over the next week, the plan is to review old content and try and improve each post. This has already been started, where previous media news posts regarding Youtube videos for PVs and MVs have now been updated from just links to embedded video, so you won’t have to open up a new window to watch the content.

For the last part, I would like to talk about the newly improved Back-on Fan Forum *with thanks to Sowon* There is now a new header as well as a new content structure which should make it easier for everyone to find and post their messages. You can now also embed Youtube videos within your posts!

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Hikari Sasuhou lyrics ‘scan’ and also lyrics for Hikari Sasuhou (FK Metal ver.)

Wow… I can’t believe I’ve allowed this much time to lapse since my last news post! It makes me feel guilty just thinking about it :) Real life has been extra busy these past few days but with the Easter holidays here, more time can be allocated toward Back-on Online. Now, moving swiftly on from my (irrelevant) life chat:

I promised to scan the New World album sleeve not too long ago, but on the day I actually really go and try it, I can’t actually get hold of a scanner! Instead, I’ve done an ad-hoc photo-shoot for the time being :p Since I want to tell everyone about Sowon‘s forum post, this seems like a good opportunity to share the Hikari Sasuhou ヒカリサスホウ lyrics (or photo at least) with everyone! Click on the thumbnail below to load the full image in a new window!

Thumbnail of Hikari Sasuhou Photo

Moving on to the lyrics of Hikari Sasuhou (FK Metal ver. )Sowon, Back-on Online’s very own Forum Super-moderator, has posted lyrics for the Murder Princess opening theme, as translated by Ayako Fansubs. You can view a small sample below, but click on ‘more lyrics‘ to view the post in full:

same ta kao shi tei tatte
> the coldness of your voice
hajime kara bokau wa wakatte i ta kedo
> it is the start of my understanding
kotoba to auraharari
> It is the words of the aura
igan deita
> which is not strained
kono omoi wo kesshite kureyou
> This throughts is never what I ask for

more lyrics

For those looking to download Hikari Sasuhou and/or Hikari Sasuhou (FK Metal ver.), please refer to the Music page as well as this news post for more information!
Hope this (slightly delayed) but interesting post has added to your day! :D In case you weren’t aware of it already, Back-on Online now hosts the first dedicated Back-on Forums. Credit for the idea goes to Sowon, our new staff Forum Super-moderator, who emailed in with the suggestion and is now doing alot of ‘behind-the-scenes’ work to improve the user experience! Our next site-updates post will collate all of the recent site changes so do look out for it :)

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Short news update about Back-on and a bit about Back-on Online

There isn’t enough for each news ‘bite’ for me to be able to write entire news updates, so I’ve decided to collate them all into one mini-news update.

First on the list – Back-on have officially announced the news of their scheduled appearance at Anime Evolution on their official website. It seems that it will be a live and recorded performance at an outdoor venue, a great setting seeing as this will be in August!

In light of Back-on appearing at both Anime Matsuri and Anime Evolution, J!-ENT have released a spotlight article on the band, written by Dennis A. Amith. He talks about the band’s history (something we haven’t touched on yet at Back-on Online) as well as their recent releases. I would say though that Back-on’s musical style is more similar to Linkin Park than Limp Bizkit. You can read the article yourself by clicking on the link below:


The picture in the article features all of the band, including Icchan, the new drummer. It does look as though he’s been photoshopped in though for some reason hmm… I’d be interested in finding out what readers thought as well so feel free to drop a comment. ^^

So… finally on to the bit about Back-on Online, we now have a proper forum! Again, credit must got to Sowon (now the in-house Super-moderator) for suggesting the idea in the first place. Please do pay a visit and register to join the chat! It is the first forum dedicated to Back-on and I think it has a lot of potential to reach more people!

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