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Hiatus, hiatus, hiatus…

Ohayo! Yet again, it’s been awhile since the last update. You may be happy to find out that the backend of BOO, which is WordPress, was successfully upgraded and the downtime was much shorter than expected – a mere 20 minutes. However, if you’re wondering why there has been such a dry patch during Back-on‘s latest successful run of concerts, including their further conquest of the Americas at AnimeUSA just last week, I can only say that coursework and real life events have invaded and taken up permanent residence.

As the holiday seasons draws near (only a few more weeks!), we’ll try and post updates about Back-on‘s latest activities. Alas their international concert plans have drawn to a close this year, but judging by the massive reaction generated from their recent concerts, as well as the fansub groups finally releasing the later episodes of Eyeshield 21, I think it’s safe to say that we should expect a lot more news about their international plans next year!

Other updates will include an upgraded gallery, new lyrics and (hopefully) wallpapers that have been kindly provided by other Back-on fans, so please do look out for them!

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BACK-ON – flower | Lyrics (Romaji)

With the recent release of flower and Butterfly, no doubt many people are *very* keen to sing-a-long to the songs! It would certainly be interesting to find out which one you prefer (time for a poll perhaps?) but I personally believe there is enough variation this time to ensure even the most polar fans are happy! :) Whilst waiting for the delivery of the singles for the kanji, forum member rageguy has kindly transcribed the lyrics of flower into romaji and posted them onto the forums, so a big thank you to him! :D

If you want to listen to the song online, feel free to mosey over to our Music page and scroll down for the radio, as it is currently featuring songs from both new singles as well as Hero!

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Back-on donates autographed items for Gyao.jp’s charity auction!

This news has come a little late, but I assure you it is very interesting, as a few weeks ago, Back-on donated items towards Gyao.jp’s Charity Auction! It seems Gyao holds these charity auctions once every 2 weeks, and Back-on‘s items were (lot) number #44 for Gyao‘s 22nd round of auctions!

Gyao Auction Ad for Back-on!

The auction was held in association with Bidders.jp, which I understand to be a Japanese auction company, and featured one of Back-on‘s latest special t-shirts (previously modelled Icchan) autographed by all the band members, in addition to a signed copy of the single BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming… The band also donated issues #1~21 of all(?) the Eyeshield 21 manga, so I’m sure you’d agree that it was definitely a particularly generous donation! (given that some celebrities just donate e.g. lip gloss)

You can visit the (now closed) auction directly by clicking on the picture above, but for those wanting the low down, 33 different price bids were made for the items above, with a mini-bidding war between two users 19920628 and kameya_online towards the end, and the final price was ¥ 8000, which is about $70 USD or GBP £ 35!

So congratulations to 19920628 (I have no idea who this is either) for winning the auction and picking up the prize booty! :D We’ve included some more pictures of the auction items below, so do have a look if you’re free!

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Download the TV size version of flower as an mp3!

The original video file for Episode 116 of Eyeshield 21 came courtesy of kxtp, and we have managed to record flower from the ending credits in an mp3 format, which is now available for download below! If you are interested in downloading the video file itself, please feel free to do a quick search on the Forums! :)

If you’re looking for lyrics of the TV Size version of flower, please click here for Lyrics: flower (Eyeshield 21 ED version)

flower [TV Size Rip] (1.64 MB, Zipped)

BACK-ON - flower (TV Size) (2866 downloads)

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BACK-ON – flower (Eyeshield 21 ED version) | Lyrics

These lyrics are from Episode 116 of Eyeshield 21, where the source file was courtesy of kxtp. You can also watch a video of the ending credits or even download the TV-size version of the song!

If you decide to post the lyrics elsewhere, please do link back to this page and give us some credit! :)

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New single covers for flower and Butterfly released!

As we reported earlier in the month, Back-on are releasing two singles – flower and Butterfly – on the same day of September 19th 2007! To add to the happy news, we can now oogle the new single covers for both releases, and they are (as usual) quite artistic!

The first images that we received (last week) were courtesy of avalonstar12/Tsubame, which you can find below:

Flower, courtesy of Tsubame! butterfly - courtesy of Tsubame!

which coincided with the preview clip release of the flower pv, and you can now see larger versions of the single covers in our Gallery by clicking on the images above or viewing some larger thumbnails below, courtesy of Amazon.co.jp!

flower - cover


I love both designs, especially after hearing previews of both songs – now available on Back-on’s Myspace! In case you weren’t aware of it already, flower is the new ED for the anime Eyeshield 21; and Butterfly is the theme song for the new j-drama Shinjuku Swan, where the latter is about:

Shiratori Tatsuhiko, a young man who becomes a scout for Shinjuku’s red light district

where the synopsis is from the D-addicts’ Wiki. Personally, I really do think that the two new singles will actually be even more popular than Back-on‘s most recent release BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming…, because if the previews are anything to go by: the songs are *really* good, particularly the chorus imho! Some fans have already suggested that the singles may build up to a full album release by Back-on, so hopefully that will happen soon!

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New song – flower – Live video from Formoz 2007 and new ED for Eyeshield 21!

It’s been known for quite some time that flower would the new ED for Eyeshield 21, and I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that the new ending has finally been released! :) The new ending sequence was first aired at the end of Episode 116 on August 1st 2007, and you can now watch it on Youtube courtesy of gangangan03!

I personally love this new ending theme, and the artwork is impeccable as usual, but in case you weren’t satisfied with this short version, gangangan03 has just uploaded a video of Back-on performing flower LIVE at Formoz Festival 2007!

The song is very chilled out (similar to the previous ED by Back-ona day dreaming…) but in my humble opinion, this song is so much more balanced, with a strong verse and chorus, and the band have actually used a violin in the background as the underlying theme (that almost always means bonus points from me :p) but as always,  it would be interesting to hear what everyone else thinks though!

As usual, you can watch both videos by clicking on the relevant links above, or you can watch it on BOO below! Please do let us know your thoughts about the new song!

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Back-on’s TV Size mp3s for Air Gear, Murder Princess and Eyeshield 21

I read somewhere that it’s good for sites to do summary posts sometimes, and although I’ve been tempted to try it several times, it’s taken me a while to think of a good summary theme to post about!

This is actually sort of in-conjunction with Sowon‘s Back-on Music Competition on the Forums, where each time, participants have to sing one particular song (TV size version) from Back-on‘s repetoire. (Please consider entering the competition, minna! :D) Usually, it does help to ‘record’ with the song in question playing in the background, which brings me to the main topic:

where can I find TV size mp3s of Back-on‘s songs?

It would probably be helpful to first provide a list of the songs, so without further ado in the order of Anime Title | Type | Song Title :

Anime Title Type Song Title
Air Gear OP Chain
Murder Princess (OVA) OP ヒカリサスホウ Hikari Sasuhou (FK Metal ver.)
Eyeshield 21 OP BLAZE LINE
Eyeshield 21 ED a day dreaming…

Aside from Chain, most of the mp3s are available for download somewhere on Back-on Online, and since this is a summary post, you can find the direct-links to the posts in question below:

But where can you find Chain? This only happens to be one of the most popular Back-on songs ever. The answer is simple: visit Japtard.com. Or more specifically,

view the post Air Gear OST – What a Groovy Trick!

You can the entire OST available for download (at 320kbps) – either as a zip file, or individual mp3 files. Chain (TV Size) is the first song on the 34-track album. The download has kindly been provided by Frox, who has credited Nipponsei for the original release.

Hopefully this post will be helpful to those searching for ‘that’ opening/ending theme by Back-on. Almost every single one so far also has their corresponding lyrics posted on the site somewhere, so take a look at the Lyrics section if you’re interested, particularly if you’d like to participate in the competition!


Out of all the songs on the single, BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming…, BLAZE LINE probably uses the most English (particularly for the rap part sung by TEEDA) and it’s obvious that it was written for the American-football anime, Eyeshield 21, evident from the lyrics as well as the interlude with cheerleaders.

The song also features an interesting bridge where Kenji03 actually sings along with TEEDA in ENGLISH! This probably has happened before, but I was particularly struck by this one! All in all, BLAZE LINE is a great song, and imho, the TV size OP just do it justice, although the opening credits are pretty good!

As always, if you spot any mistakes, please let me know either by commenting below or via the contact form. If you would like to post these lyrics elsewhere, please link back to this page. :)

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Back-on’s 3rd Single – Flower – out August 29th 2007!

It’s still a few months before the arrival of August (when Back-on will be performing at their second ever international concert during Anime Evolution in Canada) but in the meantime, a new CD single has popped up in some Japan online CD shops such as Amazon -Japan

under Back-on‘s discography, called Flower!

At present, aside from a few general details such as the release date, label, catalogue reference and recommended price (as listed below):

  • Release date : August 29th 2007
  • Label : Cutting Edge
  • Catalogue ref. : CTCR-40261
  • Recommended price : Â¥ 1,200

the only significant information available regarding the single is that it is related to the anime: Eyeshield 21,

where the song, Flower, will be the new ending theme!

If this news seems completely random, Back-on were invited to write the (current) OP and ED of Eyeshield 21, and the songs have just been released as the 3-track single BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming…, which included an additional song EYES.

There is also news that the first releases of Flower will be special edition CDs, with the jacket cover of the single featuring Back-on and the inside-pages of the usual booklet featuring Eyeshield 21. This isn’t too surprising, considering the first release of the single Chain also had a specially-designed booklet!

The really tantalising information about the single is that some sites have mentioned “CD-Extra“, which generally means that something extra (maybe a preview video or an actual video?) will be included with the release. Definitely something to look forward to! :D

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