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Videos of Back-on performing live at clubasia and GAME in Shibuya, Japan!

Although we haven’t heard much about Back-on‘s musical activity until these two days (we’re in the middle of drafting the news post about their new song ‘Sands of Time‘ which features as the ending theme for the upcoming 51-episode Jdrama ケータイ捜査官7 [Keitai Sousakan 7, Cellphone Investigation 7] !) they have been extremely busy (as usual) performing gigs in Japan!

Usually this sort of news would, for obvious reasons, pass right by international fans (like myself) and be filed away as ‘general news’, but with a huge thanks to mau37 and also acq128 (in particular, who has kindly given us permission to post his video and sent us some photos that will be uploaded to the Gallery!) we’ve now been offered a unique audio-visual glimpse into their live Japanese gig performances via Youtube!

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‘Vein’ featuring Hero, 冠, ANIMAL-K,T2LOW – PV from ‘House of Punk’

As promised in the last post about House of Punk, today’s post focuses on a PV video of one of the tracks from the collaboration album! Alas, it’s not the song featuring Teeda, but I really do like it, and I hope you’ll agree that it is definitely a track worth introducing after you read the introduction and watch the video! :)

The song, Vein, features Hero (Dogma) as the vocalist (and MC), (The Kanmuri) as the main MC, and T2LOW(Skunkrice, LD69PX) as the ‘Track maker’. Animal-K is also credited for (I believe) his role as the Producer. If you’re interested in learning more about all the artists working on the album, you can visit Loud69Punx’s Myspace for a detailed list of credits!

Moving on to the track Vein itself, I just have to reiterate that I love it.

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