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Only 3 more days to go until the release of “Sands of time”

Are you excited? I can hardly wait! With the days are crawling by so slowly, it doesn’t help that I know I have to wait up to an additional week to receive the pre-ordered Sands of time CD! :)

If you’re wondering where to buy your copy, we’ve done a little bit of research on a few major online retailers who are stocking the single, and have provided a table below for your general reference. For the sake of convenience, we’re listing prices in USD (even though I personally live in the UK) as it makes it far easier to compare the ‘true’ costs.

Retailer Price($) Delivery($) Total($) Comment
Play-Asia $9.90 $2.90 $12.80 N/A
Yesasia $12.49 $2.99 $15.48 Orders over $25 qualify for free shipping.
CDJapan ~$9.45 ~$7.70 ~$17.15 N/A
JPOPHelp $15.54 $4.95 $20.49 N/A
HMV (Japan) ~$10.10 ~$11.55 ~$22.65 Maybe EMS Shipping cost
Amazon (Japan) ~$10.10 ~$19.23 ~$29.23 EMS shipping cost (avg. 3 day delivery)

*Prices originally listed in Japanese Yen have been converted using the Interbank rate listed on OANDA on May 18th 2008. These are annotated with a ‘~’.
*The shipping costs are for a standard Air Mail delivery (not EMS) to the US which usually means a delivery time of around a week (7 days) except when this is not available.

Although this is only a very crude guide, there is some variation in price so it’s a good idea to shop around. I have only made purchases from Play-Asia, Yesasia and HMV (Japan) [we’re not affiliated with any retailers!] and can’t complain about their service at all. For CDJapan, I have corresponded with the support team by email, and have found them to be very helpful.

Hopefully some will find this comparison table useful. :) If there are any errors or mistakes, of if anyone can suggest any alternative sources, please let us know in the comments!

p/s: We’ve just updated the Discography section with the (reported) track times of songs from the new single!

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“Sands of Time” preview on Myspace (and titles of other tracks on the single posted too!)

With thanks to both Sesshy and the Back-on Facebook Group for the news, Back-on have posted a 50-second preview of Sands of Time on their official Myspace! The great thing about this preview is that it seems to be from the start of the song, where as Sesshy put it, Kenji03 sings with an electronic voice :)

We also get to hear the first verse+rap, and I have to say, I love the introduction to the song! If you haven’t heard it already, you really seriously must. I demand kindly request it. :p Incredibly catchy imho!

In addition to the preview, the band have also posted the titles of the other two tracks that will be released along with Sands of Time on May 21st 2008, so the final tracklisting for the single is as follows:

  1. Sands of Time (ED for “Keitai Sousakan 7“)
  2. message for kidz
  3. fifty/50

And before I forget, for those who can’t access their Myspace, we have of course done the usual mp3 rip for you to download which you can find below. Enjoy! And let us know what you think of the preview too! :)

Sands of Time [Myspace Rip] (1.86 MB, Zipped)

Back-on - Sands of Time (Myspace) (2271 downloads)

p/s: If you’re interested in a mash-up between the Myspace preview + TV Size version of Sands of Time, please take a look at the dedicated “Sands of Time” + Keitai Sousakan 7 discussion thread on the Forums! (Hint: post #102)

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A first glance at Back-on’s songs from the”Survive” album compilation – Hikari Sasuhou and Grab

The recent influx of comments on the Music page about the newly featured songs on the RadioGrab and Hikari Sasuhou have been quite surprising! I had never realised that quite that many people paid attention to the changes (for the Radio) before, so it was a very happy discovery! :)

I thought I’d write abit more about these songs, since it’s hard to explain everything on the Music page itself! You may have read a previous post about recent updates to Back-on‘s Discography, and details about a CD compilation – Survive – were added, in which Back-on contributes 3 songs:

  2. ヒカリサスホウ (Hikari Sasuhou)
  3. GRAB

The CD compilation was released on June 8th 2005 with songs from Back-on, Airstrike and , and some fans will already know that both Nuts Tribe and ヒカリサスホウ (Hikari Sasuhou) are songs available from Baby Rock and New World.

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Work in progress : Band Discography and History

It seems updating the Music page actually kick-started me into adding more significant information to the site itself (or it could be that I’m procrastinating from revision… but let’s go with the first one :p) so anyway, the major changes are:

  • Discography – New sections for Demos and Compilations/Collaborations have been added in to incorporate information about the other music that Back-on has worked on. This includes some brief info about their first demo (which sold for ¥100 at the time) as well as some of the earlier cd releases, which were only available on the night at the venue of their performance.

    To give a quick run-down of some titles in this new update: Luv Graffiti 2, MONSTERS ROCK VOL.1 & 2, OPTION presents STREAM Z J-LOUD EDITION and STOP AIDS CLUB MOVEMENT. Most of the songs found on these compilations can actually be found in the tracklisting of their later releases.

    However, the complete list isn’t finalised yet because it turned out having over 20 (Firefox) tabs open to view and verify information was surprisingly mentally tiring. So you’ll have to forgive me… ^^; On another note, it seems that Back-on may have created more PVs than previously thought, but it’s something I haven’t yet investigated fully yet so…

  • History – The update made to this page is actually less complete than Discography, but features a brand new sub-section called Time-Line, which I should re-iterate is a work-in-progress.

    Did you know that (apparently) Back-on were called Garden before they were named by Jesse of RIZE?

    I learnt something new today anyway ;) This was (apparently) back in 2000, before the ‘official’ year/month of Back-on‘s ‘formation’ (which is September 2002 for the record and what every Back-on fan should know for their pub-quiz!)

    The other new sub-section is Artists, which will probably be moved to it’s own page in the future, but when writing out the time-line, it was quite useful to also compile a list of websites of artists that were somehow related to Back-on through their collaboration on albums.

As usual I promise new updates (when I can) but I have to admit the Lyrics section will probably be less of a priority at the moment, so hope you all don’t mind too much! If there is some huge objection (or pro-lyrics movement) then feel free to let me know via the comments box. I am easily swayed open to all sorts of opinions! :D

Oh and before the end, you may have noticed that we now have a count-down counter on the topright of the page (under Search) indicating the time till the official release of BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming… Only a day or two now, so ganbatte!

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A few updates…

I’ve realised – again and again – there’s a lot of content to be added/updated/edited on Back-on Online, so hope everyone can be as patient as possible. Back-on Online aims to be the BEST fansite dedicated to Back-on, and hopefully we’re not doing *too* badly at the moment whilst we build up the content-base. One also has to consider how the information is laid out, as there is such a variety of data, its confusing just trying to figure out *how* to organise it. If you have any suggestions about how the site should develop, please let me know.

In the meantime, a few page updates have been made to:

  • Band Members – Kenji03’s profile has been added. We’ve also added a couple of comments after some intensive internet research but more details will be added later.
  • Discography – The details for New World and Chain have been added, again with some comments from Back-on Online. It was interesting to find that 鼓動 (Kodou… which is supposed to mean pulsating according to one source)  is actually the main theme for the programme ‘Mayokara‘.

Most of the factual information was sourced directly from the band’s official website, but other information has been compiled from multiple internet sources by this site.  More content will be added in the next few days.

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