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‘Tales of’ Festival DVD will feature BACK-ON’s live performance of Re:Start and flyaway!

Following on from our previous post about BACK-ON‘s live gig at the 2009 Tales of Festival, it turns out that Namco Bandai will be releasing a 2-disc DVD of the event for fans on October 2nd 2009, featuring BACK-ON‘s live rendition of Re:Start and flyaway, the theme songs from Tales of the World : Radiant Mythology 2.

With warm thanks again to MONSTERSNITE for the news, it is probably the first time the band’s live performance of any of their songs has been released as a DVD! We have seen a few standalone recordings (on Youtube) and even in the BLAZE LINE PV, but nothing like this, although some of us BOO Forum folk would love to have a dedicated DVD!

The DVD will have a Retail Price of ¥ 7,140 and a running time of approximately 240 minutes (4 hours?) . According to this post by Anoop Gantayat on AndriaSang.com :

This is a “set” in that it contains two DVDs, one each for the afternoon and evening versions of the June 14 show. Buyers can look forward to talk shows and skits, much of which differed depending on the showing. In addition, the set will include bonus promotional footage, specifics about which have yet to be shared.

I only wish that the release date wasn’t so far away, but at least we have got BACK-ON‘s European debut at Connchi in Germany to look forward to in September. And before I forget – if you haven’t already heard – we are organising a GIGANTIC FANBOOK PROJECT for the band by fans. All ideas and fans are welcome so please do come and participate if you can!

BACK-ON to debut in Europe at Connichi, Kassel, Germany in September 2009!

BACK-ON will be performing for the very first time in Europe this September at the Connichi anime convention in Kassel, Germany this September!  Yes, this is VERY exciting news (particularly for European fans)  as firstly, this will be their debut in Europe, and secondly, Connichi is the biggest Anime and Manga convention in Germany ( 13,000 visitors in 2007)!

The anime convention will run between 18-20th September 2009 at their usual venue: the gorgeous Kongress Palais Kassel (see below for photos) and BACK-ON‘s live performance will be on 19th September 2009!

Although this fantastic news has already been posted for sometime on the official Connichi site, the band finally announced it today on their official website with a nifty new banner:

I know I will definitely be going (this *is* BACK-ON‘s debut in Europe!)  and hope to see many other BACK-ON fans there – from Europe and from other parts of the world! If you are planning to go, drop us an email or visit the Forums and let us know!  Fingers crossed we can have a mini-convention of BACK-ON fans.  In the meantime, stay tuned for travel information for fans heading to the convention (in English) and also more news about BACK-ON!

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