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Music page updated with new downloads and a new poll

I’ll admit, it’s been a LONG LONG time since we updated the Music section of BOO, but better late than never, ne? Our last update was in September 2007, when New World and Hikari Sasuhou were voted the most wanted downloads, and up till now, each song has been downloaded over 1100 times, a new record for the Music page and definitely not just because of the delay in updating this page!

This time, a day dreaming… and Kodou were the top favourites of our voters, and as usual, we have also put up two extra downloads for just one week only, including the much-requested Hikari Sasuhou (Survive ver.) as well as the runner up from the previous polls, forward.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the latest polls, and if possible, it would be great if you could vote again in the next one, where:

  • Butterfly (Butterfly single)
  • DRIVE (New World album)
  • Believer (Chain single)
  • Grab (Survive compliation album)
  • Gaku-Ten (Baby Rock album)
  • RAIN (New World album)

are all up for selection. It might be a bit more difficult to choose this time! :)

More updates will be forthcoming throughout the site, as well as more content from various contributors! And before I forget, we have updated the affiliate link with Sound EX from their Myspace to their official new website! The people behind the website are Nao and Sesshy, and I would encourage everyone to pay a visit, particularly as the graphics used for the site design really are fantastic! I’ve included a screenshot of the new site design below as a taster, but look out for the flash movie on the splash page – it’s worth the wait – and this is coming from someone who doesn’t usually take a second glance at splash pages.

SoundEX - screenshot

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Photo Extravaganza – BACK-ON Live at Formoz Festival 2007, Taipei, Taiwan! – Part 1

Recently we posted news about two fantastic video clips (courtesy of gangangan03) featuring Back-on performing Believer and Chain at Formoz Festival 2007, but now we’re bringing you equally exciting visual media in the form of some really professional photographs taken at the concert! :)

In Part 1, we’re featuring photos taken by KHT and Hyperreality Mer (latter 2) , who have both very kindly given us permission to post them here on BOO news and our gallery! Thank you! You can see all of their work below as thumbnails, where each photo is linked to its original size in the gallery. And as Teeda might say – check them out! :)

Back-on, taken by KHT Teeda, taken by Hyperreality Mer Shu, taken by Hyperreality Mer

I would strongly encourage EVERYONE to view them in their original sizes, because these thumbnails seriously don’t justify the quality of the photos! If you do need a little persuading, take a closer look at Hyperreality Mer‘s photo of Shu below!

Shu, taken by Hyperreality Mer

Finally, you may also have seen that this is only Part 1 of the photo extravaganza, so please stay tuned for further updates!

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Site update: New Downloads available in Music for June 2007

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post about site updates, as so much has been happening lately! Although no major changes have been made, there have been a few edits here and there. I think they call this a nip-tuck?

However, this time, to celebrate the forthcoming release of Back-on‘s latest single: BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming…, instead of just featuring 2 songs for download, for the next 5 days – until June 6th 2007 (the official release date for BL/ADD) – all 4 songs that were featured in the previous vote (where 169 people participated for their most-wanted download) will be available!

These are:

  1. Believer (Chain)
  2. Rain (New World)
  3. Gaku-Ten (Baby Rock)
  4. Nuts Tribe (Baby Rock)

After that, just the top two winners will remain as usual (as bolded)
You can reach the Music page by visiting: http://www.backon-online.com/multimedia/music/

Again, the aim of the downloads section is to provide a ‘one-stop’ place for fans and potential fans to listen to Back-on’s work – ‘try before you buy‘. You can support Back-on even more by buying their albums and attend their concerts. There is more information about where you can purchase the cds avilable on the Music page.

Finally… there hasn’t been any change to the Radio section of Music for the moment… but check back in two weeks! :) Don’t forget to vote in the new Poll in the meantime!

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BACK-ON – Believer | Lyrics and English Translation

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Ah いつもと変わらない余計な不安は 机の奥に隠しておこう
窓の外見つめて 思いふける 『ここから抜け出そう!!』

Uh! 俺様はRealなSK8ER!! StudsとVansでHard CoreなFlavor!!
誰も俺には勝てやしねぇ~な! Step Up×2!!
まずは強く踏み込んでKick It!! 3 2 1 Go!!

このままずっと風に乗って ドコへ行けるかな?
晴れた空に 突き刺さる僕の想い
子供の頃描いてた 夢は遠すぎるけど
あきらめないで 願いを握りしめて!!

A-yo check this shit out!! I’m spittin’ my verse!!
My rhyme like a kick flip!! techでビビらす!
響かす 答えを見い出すbut『マトモになれ!!』なんて親は言い出す!
マトモって何?? 俺の辞書にはない!
STREETなコトなら I know 右左! 夢見たり Trickキメたり
I just wanna be stay as a SK8 junkee!!
What’s da point of livin’ right?? 意味分かんない!
I.D.G.A.F!! 悪あがき!
ただデカい風を掴みたい! 高い高いトコへ飛んで行きたい
I wanna fly & feel the wind! コレに虜 バカにされたって俺的にはHit!!
不安なんていつでもある! But I ain’t growin’ up!! このままでいたい!!

このままずっと・・・ これからきっと・・・

repeat [Chorus]

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Lyrics are now available… Chain, Believer and Kodou

The japanese lyrics for Chain, Believer and Kodou are now available! I was surfing around the internet for Back-on, and came across Listen.jp which *just* so happened to have the lyrics to these 3 songs!

After some small edits, I can definitely verify that the Japanese lyrics posted for Chain are correct, or at least official – they now match up with the ones on the New World album insert that I own (its sitting on my desk!)

The next step of course, is to ensure that the translations are correct. I’ll try and hassle a japanese friend since my japanese abilities aren’t up to it at the moment. Hope this is a good present for everyone! Please please do send in some feedback or comments to show your support for Backon Online!

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