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BACK-ON revamp BACK-ON.com and reveal a 38 second teaser for 愛言葉~この世界の中で君と出会えたキセキ~

Happy New Year to you all for 2013!

Sorry it’s been a while since we have updated the site.  Fans will probably know that – since the last update – KENJI03 became a father in July 2012 to a lovely baby boy (weighing 2,952 grams or 6.5 lbs) and BACK-ON have continued to be very busy with their live schedule.

They have also recently revamped their official HP http://www.back-on.com – by changing the main photo and rearranging the content below the logo and navigation.   As part of the revamp, they are now able to showcase 5 clips of their most well-known songs including: flower, with you, Ice Cream, Tomorrow never knows and Chain.

BACK-ON.com December 2012

In addition to this, the band also released  38 second teaser for their new song 愛言葉~この世界の中で君と出会えたキセキ~ (Ai kotoba ~ kono sekai no naka de kimi to deae ta kiseki ~)  which translates into Words of Love ~ The miracle of meeting you in this world.

It’s a beautiful title and definitely takes the top prize for being the longest one by BACK-ON. I do like what seems to be the chorus which has the piano and strings playing in the background as KENJI03 and TEEDA sing and rap;  KENJI03 also sings “I love you” in Japanese, English and Mandarin Chinese (我愛你 – wo ai ni) in one sentence.

Hope you enjoy the clip as much as I do – feel free to listen to it on BOO by clicking on ‘Read more’  (or just below if you’re reading the full post) where we have provided a clip for your enjoyment :)  Let us know what you think!

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