KENJI03’s collaboration with hip-hop star ‘SoulJa’ for “SoulJa×KenJi03 / 雨のち晴れ collaboration with 菅谷哲也” (Ame Nochi Hare collaboration with Sugaya Tetsuya)

Although rumour has it that a new BACK-ON release may be out at the end of July 2013  (called Ai Kotoba that will potentially feature two tracks and their respective instrumental versions; 愛言葉 and Brand New Story) it seems that KENJI03 has been collaborating with well-established hip-hop musician SoulJa for a new song called “雨のち晴れ collaboration with 菅谷哲也“!

Facebook promotional image for Ame Nochi Hare
Image source: BACK-ON Facebook

A sample clip of the song and music video has been uploaded to Youtube, which you can find below with some screenshots:

Original Teaser:

*New* Teaser music video with Sugaya Tetsuya:

The news was announced on the band’s official website (and SoulJa‘s one too) but we have reghrhre to thank for this news! :)  The song is really lovely and KENJI03 looks so, so smexy strumming his guitar. :) And if you are wondering why SoulJa‘s name sounds familiar, it could be because he previously collaborated with Thelma Aoyama for their record-breaking hit single Soba ni Iru ne;  the best-selling download single in Japan before the title was superceded by GReeeeN’s Kiseki.

Sugaya Tetsuya (菅谷哲也), an actor/model who has starred in the reality TV show ‘Terrace House‘ (and originally aspired to be a fire-fighter before stepping into the world of showbiz)  has also been mentioned in the credits; it is not clear what his role will be in the collaboration at the moment.

SoulJa x Kenji03 collaboration announcement
Image source:

The 5-track single,  which is due out on 24th July 2013, will feature two main tracks (and their variations) “雨のち晴れ collaboration with 菅谷哲也” and “What’s your name? collaboration with 壇蜜“.  You can actually listen to the latter track here (the PV is a little strange though?)

What do you think of the new collaboration?  I personally cannot wait to listen to the full song and hope we can get to hear some KENJI03 rap (even though SoulJa‘s rapping is excellent) sometime :) Let us know your thoughts below or join us on the BOO Forums!  Now everybody clap…

p/s: 雨のち晴れ literally translates as something like ‘sunny day after the rain’.

Watch SoulJa×KenJi03 / 雨のち晴れ collaboration with 菅谷哲也 below:

Watch SoulJa×KenJi03 / 雨のち晴れ collaboration with 菅谷哲也 – Teaser Music Video below: