Random surfing: Back-on’s staff ear plugs!

It’s really quite amazing what random surfing can throw up, and last week – out of the blue – we found some pictures of ear plugs for Back-on’s staff from a blog called みみせんまみれ, which appears to focus (in particular) on ear plugs (耳栓)!

The author’s first entry says that he/she didn’t know any details about these ear plugs as yet (they presumably knew of the band, but of course, the rose-tinted glasses of any Back-on fan would have glinted at the sight of the band’s familiar logo!) but the second entry, which introduces the red box version (both of which you can see below) thanks a certain Tomy-san for informing him/her that it is a non-salable item that was produced especially for Back-on’s staff!

Black Ear Plugs!

Red Ear Plugs!

It’s a huge pity that it isn’t available for Back-on‘s fans – of course one doesn’t *need* the ear plugs if they’re going to be attending the concert – but the box with it’s little metal chain would have been a wonderful *and* useful accessory in my humble opinion ;)

p/s: I’m 80% sure that this is meant to be an item for Back-on‘s staff (or as they say: ‘authorised personnel’) only, but am aware that I may have misinterpreted the comment, so here’s the original japanese for reference. Please do let me know! ^^


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