PS Vita Gundam Breaker OP ‘INFINITY’ preview clip in game promotional video (PV) 5!

With thanks to our regular BOO Forum member reg for the find, you can now hear a preview of INFINITY by BACK-ON in the 5th promotional trailer video of the forthcoming Playstation Vita game “Gundam Breaker” :) Click on the link below to watch the video – the song starts 4 minutes into the video:

Alternatively, you can hear a clip of just INFINITY here:

The band announced the news that they would be singing the OP for the game a few days ago and the official game website has now also confirmed this with a rather nice collage and also an announcement on the official anime site:

Gundam Breaker x BACK-ON collage

And if you are based in Japan (or can view videos that are usually geographically restricted) you can now watch a video commentary by BACK-ON regarding their OP “ニブンノイチ” for the anime Gundam Build Fighters. We have not had a chance to watch it yet so would welcome your comments – if you do find it on Youtube, please let us know so we can post a link up for others!