Potential ヒカリサスホウ FK Metal ver. or Hikari Sasuhou FK Metal ver. release

Yes, you’ve read the headline right … I’m finding it quite hard to summarise the content of the news post with anything simple nowadays. ^^

Now… we announced a while back that Back-on’s Hikari Sasuhou FK Metal ver. is to feature as the main opening theme for the Murder Princess OVA. What I neglected to comment on was the song title itself – its clearly not the original Hikari Sasuhou that can be found on the New World album.

Someone spotted this and asked on the official Back-on website about whether this version would appear in Back-on’s next release. The staff replied today to say that

they haven’t yet decided whether or not to include this version in the next release, but they will make an announcement on the official website on March 26th 2007 ‘.

I’ve included the original words in Japanese below just in case the auto-translator made some sort of mistake (or I’ve mis-interpreted the news)

「ヒカリサスホウ FK Metal Ver.」につきましては、




What this means of course is that we must all camp out the official website on March 26th 2007. This date is of extra significance as it seems details about their new release will also be announced on that Friday, so mark this date in your diary, people! :)