New World album review by Japan Music

I chanced upon Japan Music by accident and since its rare to have a Back-on album review in English, I’ve decided to share the link with everyone. Naturally I am a little biased as I happen to love New World but that shouldn’t mean excluding sites that don’t necessarily have the same view.

Japan Music provides a profile for Back-on and goes on to review New World. Mizusu, the author, writes that:

Overall “New World” has taken a step farther into a new style of music. I recommend this to anyone who has never heard this style of mix before. My verdict on the album as a whole: 6/10. Only New World and Hikari Sasuhou made a definite impression on me. The rest of them are alright, but needs more work in individuality. Vocals have a balance between the singing and rapping, but music still needs more variation. The melodies in general are somewhat repetitive and monotonous at certain parts, isn’t strong enough to stand out on its own. The group has potential but I think they are barely developing a definitely key style to their music.

What do you think of the album? How does it compare to their previous work?

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