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Last updated: July 04th 2013

Each week (or a period of time) this section will have a different playlist, each featuring tracks from a different Back-on album/single. There will also be one song available for downloading in mp3 format as well. The aim of this section is to provide a ‘one-stop’ place for fans and potential fans to listen to Back-on’s work – ‘try before you buy‘. If you want to support Back-on, buy their albums and attend their concerts! They are generally priced around the Â¥ 1600 range (singles are cheaper), which at current exchange rates is about £ 7.00 or $ 14.00. I will try and compile a list of online shops that you can check for the best deals/rates. Quick examples are (e.g. I bought New World from there for about £10.00 including shipping), CDJapan, HMV Japan and


For the sixth series (May 28th 2008) , we are continuing to ‘showcase’ almost all of Back-on‘s recent releases on the radio and have just added (a shout out to EJ here!) their brand new single Sands of time to the play-list!

We were lucky enough to listen to the single before receiving the CD in the post today, due to some very kind BOO members, particularly Ichiban (one of our forum moderators!) so a big thank you to ichi!

It would be great to find out what everyone thinks of the brand new single! Back-on have experimented a little for this single, and for fans of Teeda, this is probably one of the best presents ever as Teeda is clearly the main ‘man’ behind the songs in Sands of time!

  1. Sands of time
  2. message for kidz
  3. fifty/50

The track-listing is listed above, where message for kidz is probably the most ‘summer’y song of the 3. Seriously, do let us know your thoughts!


p/s: I’m leaving the cover art of HERO below because I really like it! :)

To listen to the entire album, scroll down to the bottom of the page before the comments.


Welcome to the 9th series of our Downloads! Our last update was in April 2008 (and the one prior to that in Jan 2008) so it has been a *very* long time since then.  For this download series – December 20th 2009 – we will be featuring the top 2 songs from our poll (which had over 1,400 votes) which are RAIN (31%) and ZERO (27%) – two of BACK-ON‘s older songs.

The former is from their New World album and the latter from the flower single. RAIN is a seriously chilled song, whilst ZERO is a bit more rock but just as feel good. Both feature some classic TEEDA rapping and Kenji03 vocals.  You can check out the Discography for more information! :)

All songs are (as usual) very high quality files, ripped at 320kbps using Exact Audio Copy (from the flower single and the New World mini album.

RAIN (8.17 MB, Zipped)

ZERO (6.61 MB, Zipped)

RAIN (1847 downloads) BACK-ON - ZERO (CD) (3018 downloads)

A big thanks if you voted in last month’s poll. You can now vote for your most-wanted track for the next update! To celebrate the forthcoming release of the two new singles, we’ve tried to include a selection from almost all of Back-on’s singles and mini-albums! :)

Vote for your most-wanted download for the next update!

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  1. 1
    kyuubinokitsune13 28.03.09 / 8am


    Damn, haven’t been on since last year.

    At any rate, new single is great

  2. 2
    Faris Ar Rasyid 28.03.09 / 4pm

    BACK-ON is the very good band…
    I like you man…
    and i like your songs of flower

  3. 3
    Unknown 30.03.09 / 1pm


  4. 4
    Quocie Monster 11.04.09 / 4pm


  5. 5
    rururururuby 06.08.09 / 7pm

    i think it is rare, I love ALL BACK-ON’s songs! Especially “Rain” & “butterfly”!

  6. 6
    Resha 12.08.09 / 4am

    Like Back-On very much….I have most of da songs 2….

  7. 7
    N 28.08.09 / 3pm

    hehe Flyaway is one of the best songs i really liked from them

    and of course, Chain is the best of’em all!

    (can you mail us some kinda updates when you have the time??) XD

  8. 8
    Deenosawr 02.11.09 / 7am

    Where is the Future



    ~ Yoshi ~

  9. 9
    TSX 05.11.09 / 2am

    man the Chain LA mix is sooooo different from the regular one. good stuff guys!

  10. 10
    SpitFire 13.11.09 / 7pm

    I Love BACK-ON!!!!! especially Chain!

  11. 11
    Flick 20.12.09 / 9pm

    We have *finally* updated the Music page with ZERO and RAIN! :) Please do come and vote for your most wanted songs for the next update.

  12. 12
    Kiiro 30.12.09 / 5am

    this guys are amazin’!

  13. 13
    Rancer 21.02.10 / 2am

    Hasn’t been updated in awhile..

    Love this site though. :D.

  14. 14
    Panji 12.03.10 / 5pm

    thats a great band….1st time i know BACK ON from anime AIR GEAR….opening theme song ” CHAIN “…thats song realy2…ROCK ME OUT !!!

  15. 15
    andy 25.03.10 / 9pm

    this is my fav, air gear is also fukin awsome. =_=

  16. 16
    hatsuharu 19.06.10 / 6am

    wow is cool. i like it. i know back on from anime EYESHIELD 21 and AIR GEAR.

  17. 17
    irika 27.06.10 / 7am

    i really love back-on soooooooo much!!!!!!!1

  18. 18
    jinchuurikito 10.07.10 / 11pm

    buena musica back-on son lo maximo pero lo que le falta es poner mas musica quiero escuchar mas de sus nuevas musicas por favor y diganme que pagina estan todos sus musicas para escuchar por primera vez eh escuchado sus mejores musicas en eyeshield 21 de un anime de deporte :D

  19. 19
    B-on Inspirated 17.12.10 / 6am

    This band is very cool, I like all his songs,
    thank you for your presence in the world of music
    You gave me new hope

  20. 20
    kilzone 09.02.11 / 3am

    nc1 back-on…#1 in the Ph

  21. 21
    Dan 06.06.11 / 5am

    Wow. I remember coming to this site in like 07 or earlier. Thank you for having this site still. I listened to Back On recently after not hearing them for over 2 years. It felt like a breath of fresh air. I used to have all their albums before Sands of Time. But my computer crashed. Any good places to get their albums for cheap?

  22. 22
    Flick 14.06.11 / 7pm

    Hi Dan
    Thanks for your kind comments – it’s always great to have someone come back and remember the site after so many years :) And I absolutely agree with your comment about BACK-ON being a breath of fresh air – their musical style has changed slightly in recent years but they released a very good album earlier this year that you might want to look up (Discography) And in answer to your question, I would normally recommend Play-Asia and Yes-Asia. If you do happen to buying more than one CD, I would normally go for the latter as they offer free delivery to most parts of the world above a certain amount.

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