Listen to a sample of “Twister” from “House of Punk” ft. Teeda, S-48 and Animal-K!

Following our previous two posts about House of Punk, the first introducing the album and the second featuring the Vein PV, I am *extremely* happy to say that we can now listen to samples from the entire album on Loud 69 Punx’s Myspace!

Loud 69 Punx's Myspace

Yes! This means that you can also listen to Track #10 – Twister ft. Teeda, S-48 and Animal-K! I can definitely say (from the sample) that this is one song that I do like (along with Vein of course) – in which Teeda raps along with S-48 to a simple but da*ned catchy track! It’s a huge pity the sample is only 45 seconds long, but this just makes me press the repeat button alot more! What do you think of the track and the other songs on the album?

The song samples have been provided courtesy of T-star Entertainment, the label behind the House of Punk album, and their website features profile sections for each of the major artists, including one for Teeda. The highlight *has* to be the hand-written message from Teeda, which you can see below!

Teeda's Handwriting!

I think his handwriting looks pretty cool even if I can’t quite read/comprehend the second sentence. But Teeda does say something like ‘I am the next generation, but (also) the previous generation’. If you do know what Teeda has written here, please let us know! :D

Finally, if you would like to listen to the sample of Twister on-the-go, you can download the file below, courtesy of T-star Entertainment.

Twister [Sample] (0.97 MB, Zipped)

Twister ft. Teeda, S-48 and Animal-K (Sample) (595 downloads)