Interview with Back-on in Five-For Magazine with a chance of winning special Back-on merchandise!

If you have been following the news updates on BOO, you’ll have noticed the increasing number of ‘magazine’ interviews with Back-on that have been published in English! This includes Carlos Pardo‘s Anipike interview with the band at Anime Evolution 2007; the first published interview on paper in purple SKY Magazine, as well as one or two others we have yet to write up – a definite indication of Back-on‘s growing international popularity!

Each article/interview offers it’s own unique perspective of the band, and this undoubtedly includes the most recent issue (only its second!) of Five-For magazine, which features a special interview with Back-on, in addition to an exclusive review (including pictures!) of the band’s final concert of 2007 ‘Code 003’, which was the finale of their “Shining Line” tour in Japan!

We’ve included a small preview of one of the Back-on pages below for your reference that can be found on the Five-for website, as well as the cover of this particular issue (2):

Five-for Back-on Preview Five-for second issue Cover Preview

And if the interview and concert review (by Sabrina) weren’t enough, Five-For is also giving fans the opportunity to win special Back-on merchandise from their 2007 finale concert, including an autograph board as well as a Back-on towel! The draw takes place on February 21st 2008, so if you are planning to purchase the magazine, please do try and order it before the deadline if you’re interested in participating in the contest!

And for a quick lowdown: Five-For is a new bi-monthly magazine dedicated to Japanese Music. The editor, Sara Crane, mentioned that a major part of the magazine *is* covering the gigs and shows that the bands do at home in Japan. More information can be found on the Five-for website, where it can also be ordered online for $10.95 (US/Mexico/Canada) or $15.95 (Europe/Asia/South America), inclusive of delivery.

In addition to Back-on, the second edition of Five-for also includes interviews/live reports with Hitomi Shimatani, Koda Kumi, the pillows, and Danger Gang amongst others.

As with all articles featuring Back-on, please let us know what you think! :) If you do enter the competition, good luck! We’ll keep our fingers crossed what one of our visitors is the lucky winner!

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