Happy birthday to Kenji03! :)

Today is Kenji03‘s birthday! :) Kenji03, the main vocalist and co-writer is acknowledged by the rest of the band to be the most popular band member – as he attracts the most girls – and as a (female) fan, it would be near scandalous to miss out wishing him a very happy day as he turns 23, so do please head along to the official Back-on birthday blog entry by Kenji03 and drop him a comment! :)

Image of Kenji03's birthday cake?

The link is right here, and the picture above is from the entry, which I presume is his birthday cake :


Kenji03 mentions the messages he has received by mail and via Myspace (probably on his private account, as it is now friends-only) but he is looking forward to the concert at Nagoya tomorrow, the first live performance after his 23rd birthday!

Happy Birthday to Kenji03! Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!

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