Gori and the Hamburgers, plus ‘Fabio’?

Gori rarely ever updates his blog so when he does post something, a Back-on fan must always take a look! :) This applies also to other members of Back-on that maintain a public blog, such as Teeda and Kenji03!

It’s already been mentioned before that Back-on were particularly keen on hamburgers and Gori in particular seems to adore them! He writes:

I recall that on day one, I ate a hamburger the size of my hand in a bar!

On day two, for lunch, I ate a hamburger from the hotel.

On day three, I ate a hamburger from a takeout(?)/or outside.

On day four…

Gori stops at this point… where he says the memory of eating burgers everyday keeps popping up! :D

Gori's Anime Matsuri Picture


He obviously enjoyed being in America, and has posted a group picture which you can see above! Like Teeda and Kenji03, Gori thanks the people in America for being so good to them. He is also very much looking forward to Canada, so to all the Canadians – please do make an effort to support them at Anime Evolution if you’re around the area!

On another note, active forum users will most likely already know this video, but during Anime Matsuri 2007, one very lucky person by the name of Fabio was ‘serenaded’ by Back-on! The video has been uploaded by buehrer on Youtube, and Fabio has kindly allowed us to post it here:

We get to see Kenji03 strumming on his guitar singing Fabio, fabio, fabio… with the rest of Back-on joining in at the end of each sentence with Fabio! At the end, Gori says the sweetest thing.. I love you!