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Madoka Magica
Big Grin 
Anyone heard of it? Its not that old, it came out last year. I recently finished it (12 episodes long) and it is, by far, the best anime I've seen so far! Wee
I've been researching new anime to watch recently (actually went back to watching Bleach battles when I was supposed to be writing essays) - will check out Madoka Magica Smile
Just got to episode 8! I have to say this is an excellent recommendation; once I got past the artwork and whole 'mahou shoujo' barrier, the storyline really captured me. Can almost see where this is going but its such an excellent script I don't want it to end!

The music is by the same artist (Yuki Kaijura) who worked on Noir; it really helps to ramp up the battle scenes.

As someone on ANN said: this series has done for magical girls the same effect Neon Genesis Evangelion did for giant robots.

Thanks for the recommendation Smile Coming back again soon after I finish the series with spoiler alert etc.
Yes, needless to say I did not see certain things coming in this anime. Good to know you're enjoying it as much as I did lol.
Finished it! Smile

Really a very good anime. I think I did a few things coming simply because some parts reminded me of another anime I'd seen before. But there were still even more twists and turns to the story that completely threw me. I really liked how it ended actually Big Grin Thanks again for the rec!

Just wish, in a way, that the anime was a little longer so they could've developed their interaction even more.

Agreed on the spoiler, it explained alot about that character lol
I think she's my favourite character from the show Smile Not too big a fan of Mami myself.

And I'm not sure I can ever wholly trust a cute cartoon animal character again :p
Oh god...the eyes xD
I do like 'cool' Homura more than her original self ~ I suppose she grew up quickly Smile
Well after what happened she had to lol


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