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BACK-ON's new album - "Good Job!!" - May 30th 2012
A new album is supposedly due out on May 30th 2012 and Amazon Japan appears to have advanced notice about the title and some of the songs too!

Good Job!!
  • around
  • Break your rules
  • comon & let's go
  • dialy/don't cry
  • HOME
  • TSK
  • party hardy feat.Emily & OVERDOOZ

Some of the titles are pretty umm... strange so am not sure if this is the definitive list yet, but it will be interesting to find out Wink The list is certainly making its way round the blogosphere at the moment!

The earliest reference that I have seen so far is from March 29th 2012!
Amazon Japan appear to have taken these details down, but Oricon JP is now listing the album on its page: http://www.oricon.co.jp/prof/artist/3486...s/release/
Its always a mystery when BACK-ON releases something, but it has been a year hasn't it? I just hope the new album is true, we already know the single is!
It's starting to look like it might well be true Smile Even CDJapan has the title now, even if the tracklisting isn't available. I haven't been able to find out much about 'EMILY' and 'OVERDOOZ' yet but am still looking ^^

The first time that their album will feature completely new tracks if that's the case... previous ones were playing catch up (aside from half of Hello World) I guess? Smile
CDJapan released a tracklist and also two CD covers today! Smile

  1. Ice cream
  2. Highway Dancer
  3. Connectus
  4. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
  5. come on & Let’s go feat. Emyli, kalis from OVER DOSE (Taiwan)
  6. HOME
  7. Word play
  9. フタリダイアリー
  11. Selfish
  12. Mr Yesterday

The first seems to be the CD edition and the second, the CD+DVD one.
[Image: disc_goodjob_cd_small.jpg]

[Image: disc_goodjob_dvd_small.jpg]
I don't know why their cover album reminds me something a Kpop band would make. XD I'm very excited to hear their new album! I wasn't expecting one any time soon... Wow, has it been a year since their 2nd release?

Oh I forgot to mention, Flick. I have a new Twitter account since Jan. I don't think we have followed each other yet!
@Sesshy: Gosh, if you hadn't pointed it out, I wouldn't have realised its been a year as well! Big Grin I'm not so familiar with Kpop band album covers but I trust your judgement. BACK-ON are quite unpredictable with their album covers - or appear to have been over the years - and I reckon its one questions I'll definitely ask if I ever get a chance haha.

New Twitter account? That would explain why I only get ichi and a few others nowadays and not yours. I shalt follow, if you don't mind Smile

p/s: Just read that musical style wise: Ice cream will be 'POP' and 'Highway Dancer' and 'Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!' is going to be ELECTRO. I'm personally really excited by 'come on & let's go' since Kalis (at least, that's how he seems to spell it) does some good rapping on OVERDOSE's own songs. He's like the TEEDA of the band mixing Mandarin/Taiwanese/English.
@Flick: I don't really listen to K-pop, but I always see album covers on a RSS feed I follow for Japanese and underground music.

Followed back! I had to switch because I had problems with my old one. Big Grin

Oohh! I'm looking forward to it more! Electro and other language mixing!
@Sesshy: Sorry I managed to miss your post! Smile Glad to see you back on Twitter although I have to say, it seems to evolve like Facebook - I can't keep up!

Can hardly believe it's less than a month until the official launch of Good Job!! ^^
BACK-ON just posted 45second preview clips of all the songs from "Good Job!!" on the Discography page - a very happy sounding album


New songs - really liking the sound of:
- come on & Let's go feat. Emyli, kailis from OVER DOSE(Taiwan) *** 300C!
- Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (preview) - KENJI03 speaketh English!
- Word Play - this could be a summer tune.
- WE CAN'T STOP - yet another potential summer tune and more KENJI03 in English

But 45 seconds just isn't enough to tell how good a song is though - I can def. recommend come on & Let's go though! Smile KENJI03 raps too and there's English, Japanese and Mandarin all beautifully gift-wrapped in one song.

MONSTERSNITE posted the BayFM interview online! Smile Listen to "come on & Let's go feat. Emyli, KALIS from OverDose (Taiwan)" in full (from 19m 56 seconds)!


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