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Forum upgraded to MyBB 1.6.1
Hopefully the temporary closure of the BOO forums was so swift it by-passed most, but as I did send an email out (just in case), I thought it would be best to let you all know that the BOO Forums are now running on the latest version of MyBB! Saru-odoru

There have been several new features added, most significantly the 'add video' button on the far-right of your post-tools (it looks like this: [Image: television.gif]) which you can use to add all sorts of video content to your post.

This means that we don't necessarily have to remember the old
codes anymore, but this is still supported if you prefer to use it.

You can also now search through your Private Messages (a function that I find really useful!) and Rate a fellow BOO user more than once too!

"Thread prefixes" are a new function; at the moment I'm not sure if this will be useful, but have created a test prefix called CD Single as a start. Suggestions would be most welcome!

The rest are all on the admin backend and moderator-tools side, so I won't mention them here, but if you do spot any problems at any point, please do send me a PM Smile
Great Big Grin
At least our admin is always thinking in us :3
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Heh Gomen for being AWOL for ages, but thank you for your kind words. Mantou

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