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BACK-ON To Release a Single for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 (with you feat.Me)
@Nyanko: Oh wow - I love those flowers! Big Grin There are *so many* of them and I recognise the names of some of the artists as well. I really hope I get to see some of the ones for/from BACK-ON - do fans send flowers too - not just fellow artists/musicians?

@Sesshy: All linked up! Big Grin Thank you!

On a completely separate note: the 'official' Twitter is now following its followers??

Thanks to Chaos for posting a thread with the PV : I've decided to merge the two to make it easier Smile I wouldn't mind the song with just BACK-ON you know, Sesshy Wink
I reeeeeeeeally don't like her voice :x She's ruining the song on me. Good god.

EDIT: Oh hey, they changed the website layout. "Tell me" layout didn't live that long I see xD. I liked it better tbh, but this one isn't bad
[Image: ehlx6p.png]
Honestly, I don't have a problem with her voice; I've heard worse.

It's a bit nasally, yes, and maybe even a bit annoying, but the overall song so far is great.
As said before, I can't wait to hear the song in full. I think even the remix ver. is available as a ringtone in Japan Mantou) so I hope we will get to hear it before the 9th.

Thanks for the heads up re: website Buzu - the layout has changed! I like how they now show the two different CD covers, but I also really liked the TELL ME design as well.
@flick: I only saw one flower from Mr. Matsuura at the BACK-ON live. Once or twice, people in the live houses gave us the flowers after the lives.
I've never seen a flower from the fans by myself, but you can send one. I like w-inds. and I saw a lot of those flowers from the fans (some groups of fans) at their lives.

For those who haven't heard it yet, clip of the Tales Of Remix of With You.
Thanks Shadow! I Pon Yeah

I heard it on another site just now and couldn't quite work out why there weren't any available on Youtube that I could find so am very glad you've posted a link. Big Grin It's a different style of remix to 'flyaway' but I am a huge fan already. It's different having Kanonno's seiyuu (Hirano Aya?) singing instead of misono, but I think it suits the remix a lot better!

@ nyanko: Thank you for explaining it in detail! I know w-inds were huge back about 10-ish years ago but didn't realise they were still together and performing! I still have a poster that I bought a long time ago that I meant to send to a friend but it's still sitting in our storage room.

Maybe BOO could consider sending some flowers as a whole ^^;
I'll wait till the full single. ~
How can you resist, Sesshy!?? Big Grin
I wouldn't be able to. Good thing the single comes out this wednesday.

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