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BACK-ON To Release a Single for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 (with you feat.Me)
My copy of the single shipped last night. Now to wait 2 weeks for it to get here. DX

Also waiting for my copy of RM3 to ship.
[Image: nmm4v5.jpg]
Lol, I'm very picky with quality and previews. I prefer waiting for full high quality versions. ^^;; I also like to hear it with the full single or album.
@flick: yes, w-inds is still performing, they are big, a lot bigger than BACK-ON. They do lives in the big arena containing -15000 people as oppose to BACK-ON doing lives at the live house containing -300 people.

The good thing is that I got the new single, it's nice. 'With you' is better than I thought. Nagareboshi is also good but relatively short, I guess.

The bad thing is I was not selected to the free live. Furthermore, they are accepting the new additional applications for the free lives. Why? if they have some spaces left, why they don't accept the people who first applied?

I found the single, didn't expect to find it so soon. I like it too, Nagareboshi is rather slow but after listening to it a few times I got used to it and the ending is cool. With You is also pretty good, not much else to say about it other than that.
Heard the single this morning. It's pretty good, but I prefer flyaway much, much, much more. I really like Nagareboshi. ^^ With you is going to take some time to get use to because misono's voice hurts my ears. I'm not kidding. -__-;;;
Mixed reviews so far it seems Big Grin I'm going to see if I can listen to both songs - am actually quite impressed by the speed at which Google is finding er.... the single ^^;

@nyanko: I know w-inds were huge around Asia so wouldn't be surprised by the 15,000-strong crowd! (Hopefully BACK-ON will reach such dizzying heights! Saru-odoru) Are they still releasing new songs?

Am sorry you didn't get tickets for the free live first time round. I hope it works out the second time! It's a bit of a lottery for free tickets to the BBC for instance, so fingers crossed. Is this the performance at the PUBLIC Theater or another venue?

I've just finished listening to the songs in full a few time and my first impressions are:

1. I need to connect my laptop to proper speakers and try and listen to the songs during the day so I can boom out the sub-woofer.

2. with you [Tales of] Remix has more variation than flyaway [Tales of] Remix. I like Hirano Aya's voice myself.

3. I am so glad there's a lot more of TEEDA's rapping in 'with you feat.Me' especially during the second verse, but I do wonder *alot* how the song would go without misono/me, as it seems like KENJI03 could handle the high notes well enough by himself.

4. Nagareboshi (Shooting Star) is a lot lot lot slower than I had imagined from the PV preview. It sounds like a completely different song (is this just me?) and it's certainly a nice surprise to have (I think) TEEDA singing - reminds me of ~feel~ in that respect. A lovely mellow rock song and definitely a pleasant surprise!

5. First impressions only on laptop speakers so once I get to listen to them again properly (can't wait till the day!) my impressions will no doubt have changed somewhat.
(02-09-2011, 10:46 AM)Flick Wrote: 2. with you [Tales of] Remix has more variation than flyaway [Tales of] Remix. I like Hirano Aya's voice myself.
Haha the [Tales of] version sounds like a NES' RPG Battle with vocals attached to it haha.
I didn't like it too much, but Nagareboshi sounds awesome *o*
Just loved it *o*
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@flick: w-inds is releasing new songs. 'Be as one/ Let's get it on' were released last week I guess. They perform dance music lately like 'let's get it on'.

Thank you for your kind words on the free live.
I'm talking about the public theater.
I found that some people were selected for two places, like both tokyo and osaka.
I was shocked that some people applied multiple times to those volunteering free lives. I assume BACK-ON wants to have as many fans as possible to their lives, not the same fans for multiple times.
I really hope BACK-ON gets bigger (more popular) and the managements of the lives and so on get more sophisticated.
I'm not sure I'm applying for the second chance. I went to their lives many times,
but I want the T-shirt...

Well, I'm moving to the US this summer and I hope I can join their US tour.
Music video!

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