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How to Train Your Dragon
I saw this sometime back and think the DVD has just come out, but yes, if you haven't seen it before, I can almost guarantee that you'll want your own pet dragon by the end of it.

By the way, Vikings are apparently Scottish in this film Wahahaha

Has anyone else seen it? Smile
Them having Scottish accents makes since, the Vikings has a long relation with the Scots, so them speaking English a Scottish accent makes sense... even the some of the accent slipped into British ones... ahaha.

I love the movie, possible the best CG film Dreamworks has made. I'm also currently reading the books. Big Grin
[Image: nmm4v5.jpg]
@Sok: Sorry I missed your reply! Ooh that's something I didn't know about but as I do like the Scottish accent I enjoyed it immensely Wink (I also like Arsene Wenger's accent too but that's for anotehr day)

I'm sure I read somewhere that the film deviates somewhat from the books but am not sure?

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