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Anime Matsuri
From Ichi's friend's video they definitely performed Chain! Big Grin And the other video - it seems like Teeda is rapping 'Eyes' and I really don't think its a song from any of the albums (that I have heard) so I'm tempted to say it might be EYES (yes, from the new single BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming...) ... I'm sure one of the others will correct me but here's the video (youtube) for reference:


On to the rest of Miyu-chan's post:
I feel abit sorry for Fizz now - Back-on are obviously such star-quality they outshine lots of people! Big Grin I'm sure it was safer where you were standing in the crowd (last time I went to a concert there was fear of 'trampilation' as well :p) I'm so happy to hear that everyone loved Back-on though - they had *two* autograph session! Gosh... must be a really tiring 3 days for them! I would have gone to both (well...) I did hear that the concert only ended properly at 1:30am though as well!

As you say - this will definitely be great exposure for them Big Grin I can already see cds flying off the shelves! (albeit online ones)
hello everyone. its me cstarresurrection who posted the videos for you fans! =) i'm glad to see everyone is enjoying them . =D

Yay, thanks so much for uploading the videos (again), Mikey! And welcome to the forums -for everyone new - don't forget you can use the Introductions section to tell us all abit more about yourself ^^

I'm still trying to figure out if I have heard the song or not but I'm fairly sure I haven't - open to corrections as usual Smile
you are not alone flick, i dont think ive heard it either Tongue, welcome to the forums Mikey and thank you for the videos Smile
[Image: snwpv44sz10241.jpg]
Right now, all I can remember are these songs:

New World
Make Some Noise
A day dreaming... (I think.)
and maybe Eyes.
yeah were missing about 4 more songs..i kinda glimpsed at the song list back-on was going to perfom and chain being number 10 which was the last song.
[Image: 4g79506.gif]
OMG... they did a day dreaming... in FULL - WOW! Big Grin I would *love* to hear the song in full! ^^

Thanks for confirming your thoughts too, Riliont!Big Grin It's great to have the second opinion to back it up!

EDIT: just saw happysky's post - 10 songs... they did loads! Smile
im sure they played Hikari Sasuhou Tongue
[Image: snwpv44sz10241.jpg]
I'd absolutely and utterly have to agree with you Smile
The set list for Saturday night was:

4. Believer
5. Drive
6. a day dreaming...
7. so many tears
9. hikari sasuhou
10. Chain

11. Colors
12. kodou

the concert was totally amazing! my friend and I stayed in our seats for the entire concert to see them in full view on the stage.. but we came down to the floor during the encore.. we totally regretted not coming down sooner XD but I was so happy they performed my favorite songs.. and "EYES" and "a day dreaming..." were such beautiful songs! ;_;

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