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Thought I should share this with you guys

Of the 20 listed, Back On is the only Japanese band to make the list. Yaay The rest are from the United States. Though I was reading some of the comments, they got a couple of detractors there.Boxing But its sweet that they made the list. Back On must of left a real impression on the compilator.Wahahaha
[Image: Beckbw.jpg]

A human soul is very complex. The guitar conveys the soul's feelings. Words translate what the soul is feeling. This is called a song, it calms, heals, & sooth the souls thousands.
haters go hang themselves Wahahaha
[Image: ehlx6p.png]
That's pretty sweet!! LOL yeah, the haters can stick it up their A**! =]
Lets go to hell, with our hands clasped, together. As we enter its fiery gates and hear the cries and shouts of the damned, we'll walk in with smiles in our faces and scorn God, for not even death can withstand our love.

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